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Nimmu House: An Exceptional Homestead In The Heart Of Ladakh

Nimmu HouseLadakh is one of those places in the world where neither words nor pictures can capture the essence. Only the traveler who has ventured on the road to Leh and higher towards the summit will find this indescribable feeling, a mixture of shyness and boldness as you see the towering mountains. This is the next step to discovering the Himalayan life, the paths leading to the Buddhist monasteries perched on the cliffs and through villages in deep green valleys. About 30 km from Leh, Nimmu is a peaceful village in the heart of the Indus Valley, which offers one of the best views in the region. It is in this remote corner that Nimmu House, a noble and imposing Ladakhi building, has opened its doors to travelers passing through the Himalayas.

The Nimmu HouseNimmu House: A Historic Home

Built in the early 20th century for a noble Indian family, the house is built on three floors with more than 30 habitable and beautifully decorated rooms! Furniture and antique walls are emblematic of the rich Ladakhi heritage. Now being restored, the house is in the hands of Anne Feenstra, a Dutch architect recognized for her work of integrating ecological and environmental friendly thinking.

You will be introduced into the chamber of the property by Ann. Tibetologist and writer residing in India for more than 30 years; she shares the sense of hospitality so characteristic of the people of Ladakh. You’ll find it with the history of the region, its legends and traditions. It will guide you better than anyone on the sites you visit and not to be missed off-the-beaten-path monasteries!

Quality Accommodation

Housed in large traditional and luxurious tents, you will find comfort and privacy sought for a family holiday or a short pass during your trek in the Himalayas. A patio at the entrance allows you to relax and enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountains. The sustainable and environmentally friendly facility will provide a warm cocoon: bathroom, hot water, hardwood floors, etc. The seven Nimmu House tents are isolated from each other in different parts of the orchard and facing the mountains.

Regarding the kitchen, do not fear the “spicy” Indian food. The dishes are only made with fresh produce grown in the garden or in the surrounding fields.

Ladakh_Buddhist-monastery-in-the-HimalayasAn opening on top of the world

Enjoy this unique location to discover the little Tibet and venture out on the old caravan route. Nimmu House is located at the confluence of the sacred river Indus and Zanskar River, an ideal location for access to the various monasteries of the Indus Valley or to go trekking in the hills of Leh.

With the huge orchard that surrounds the house, children will find an unparalleled playground among fruit trees. For the adventurous, why not try some white water rafting? The starting point is a few hundred meters from Nimmu. However, in this haven of peace, I will advise the simple pleasures of reading, meditation or even Yoga.

For the beauty of Ladakh, which we cannot get enough of, for the love of culture and treasures of the Himalayas, for the sake of staying in a nice, comfortable and cozy property, Nimmu House is perhaps the most beautiful homestay in Ladakh I’ve ever been to.


Nimmu House
Nangso Nimmu House
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Jammu & Kashmir – India

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