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Treasure Hunt 2013 – The Experience

The Hunters Signing UpThe First Treasure Hunt

On Sunday, March 17, the first Treasure Hunt organised by Shanti Travel took place in South West Delhi. 61 participants in 17 teams, 30 degrees Celsius, 25 available taxis, 18 people as staff, 16 sponsoring companies, 14 locations, seven prizes, five historical sites, four restaurants, two shops, one game parlor and five to six hours of fun!


The event started at Fork You, a new and exciting restaurant serving tasty burgers, steaks and cocktails, in Hauz Khas Village at 11:30am. Fortunately, all the 17 teams arrived on time to register and to get the instructions, first clues, some freebies, a T-shirt and a KLM cap. At 12 o’clock sharp all teams set out to one of four locations in South West Delhi, namely Hauz Khas Village, Mehrauli Archeological Park, Saket and Shahpurjat. At each of these locations three or four tasks were set up. Upon satisfactory completion of the first task the team got the clue to the next task. Apart from these tasks the participants had four bonus assignments, such as “Spot and click a picture of an Indian flag” and “Drive a cycle rickshaw and click a picture”. Finally, all teams that were able to be back at the finish point, OTB in Hauz Khas Village, before 5 pm got additional points. Every team could get a total of 1,000 points through the tasks, bonus tasks and time limit.

A Happy Ending

It was great to see that four teams were able to be at the finish point before 5 pm. They all came in exhausted, but completely thrilled that they had finished it. After 5:15 pm more teams came pouring in. Most of them were out of breath as well, but all of them were happy with the experience and satisfied with their achievements. In general all participants were amazed by the historical sites and some of the modern highlights of the city that they had never seen or that they didn’t know much about. The event included an ancient step-well, tombs and a university, all dating 600 years back. The modern highlights included Hard Rock Café and two shops by world renowned fashion designers, namely Avnni Kapur and Alecca Carrano.

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  1. Sabrina
    21 March 2013 / 15 h 40 min

    Waaah ! a treasure hunt ! it looks great !! I’m sure it was also fun organising it 😉

    • 25 March 2013 / 5 h 07 min

      Thanks for your comment Sabrina!

      Yes it was great fun organising the Treasure Hunt. I have lived in Delhi for five years now, yet got to discover new sights and sounds. The next time we host this hunt, we would love for you to participate!


      Arnold from Shanti Travel

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