Fruit Market in Bali
Fruit Market in Bali

Planning a trip to Indonesia? While it’s easy to book a villa or high end hotel online for a holiday in Bali, it is a bit more difficult to organize a tour of the several exotic islands that make up the archipelago of Indonesia. That is where a domestic travel agency comes to the rescue!

For instance, which hotel should you choose? One can find advice and feedback on Trip Advisor or several other travel forums that are mushrooming on the Internet. However, how do you judge the relevance of the comments? Will the opinions or interests of some person living in Alaska be the same as yours? Next question – how will you book your travel needs? It is difficult to find and book a trustworthy and knowledgeable driver from another country. How can you negotiate the prices of your ferry tickets without being physically present? At the end, you would have spent countless hours on the Internet, spent a good part of your holidays negotiating and spent a lot more than you had budgeted for.

Yoga in Indonesia
Yoga in Indonesia

The benefits of booking your customized tours in Indonesia through a local travel agency

Going through a domestic travel agency to organize your tailor made trip in Indonesia has significant advantages.

Lower Prices

You will pay less if you book with an agency based in the travel destination than if you book through an agency in your own country or book all the services separately. As Shanti Travel is an agency based in Indonesia, it benefits from negotiated rates and will not ask you to pay exorbitant prices for select services. It is rare for prices to be fixed in Indonesia, and haggling is the way of the world. Shanti Travel offers cheaper prices than agencies based in your country as Indonesian payroll and operating expenses are lower, and we do not pay commissions to intermediaries as we don’t use any!

Faster Turnaround

By booking with a local travel agent like Shanti Travel, you will save a lot of time preparing for your vacation. You just need to tell us your requirements and desires, and we will be happy to prepare a customized trip that suits your needs. You will not have to waste time on the internet looking for the perfect place to stay. We have vetted many hotels and have selected the best, known for their quality, charm, value, service and location. On the other hand you can fully enjoy your trip without worrying about logistics. To travel on your own in Indonesia, you must be patient and possess very good bargaining skills!

Access to Destination Expertise

By booking your trip with Shanti Travel, you will be able to benefit from the expertise of your trip advisor. Our destination experts have travelled Bali and other islands of Indonesia, and known the islands very well. We organize at least two trips a year for our travel consultants to consolidate their knowledge of the region and strengthen their expertise. Through just a few phone calls, he/ she will be able to better understand your needs and your personality so as to create the trip of your dreams.


A trip to Indonesia can be punctuated with unexpected events. These contingencies may give more charm and character to your trip, but they can also turn into a nightmare. After 9 years of being in Asia and after taking more than 15,000 people to unpredictable countries like India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, Shanti Travel has gained some expertise in the management of contingencies. Your trip is carefully prepared by your travel consultant and his colleague in charge of reservations and it is checked several times by his manager. Your travel consultant will welcome you upon your arrival in Bali and spend time with you to answer all your questions and give you as much information about Indonesia and your trip. Available 24/7, your consultant will stay in contact with you via phone during your stay and until your departure. The only decisions you will need to make are the massage you prefer or whether you want to have dinner in a restaurant on the beach or on the terrace.

Satisfied customers tailor their trip in Indonesia

While you travel with Shanti Travel, our main concern is your safety and satisfaction. Your travel consultants, whether French or Indonesian, have chosen to live in and love Bali. Their desire to share their passion leads them to do their best to satisfy you. Over 95% of our customers are satisfied with their trip with Shanti Travel.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your next trip to Indonesia!


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      Thank you Marcia! We are doing very well. I’m glad you like our blog and read it regularly. From all the blog post you read, which one has given you the best motive to travel!? What is your favorite destination?

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