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Organising the Delhi Treasure Hunt

Heritage Stepwell in Mehrauli
Heritage Stepwell in Mehrauli

Amazing Delhi

My experience in organising the treasure hunt event of Shanti Travel was quite fantastic. The motive was to give a qualitative experience to our Delhiites & expats living in Delhi and involve them in the rich heritage of Delhi. But, in fact, It was really an eye-opener for me. Having lived in Delhi for many years one thinks of oneself as an expert. But after this event, I feel more knowledgeable and aware of the hidden heritage of an old era scattered across the bustling metropolis of Delhi.

Meharauli Archaeological Garden

My role was to organise the ring activity near the Rajaon ki Baoli in Meharauli Archaeological Garden. It was nice to witness the motivation and enthusiasm of all the participants during the event. There were people from all age groups. Most enthusiastic were elderly people and the small kids. It was quite exciting to take the kids inside the stepwell and discover the amazing views. Although I had visited the Baoli before discovering the Mehrauli area, I did not know that there are other places in the same garden like Balban’s tomb. Many of the people living in Delhi may not know more about the scattered monuments in this area except Qutub Minar. Preserving heritage, INTACH organises heritage walks to this place and people can visit this area with a professional guide that explains the hidden treasures. I would recommend everyone to visit this park. It is really amazing.

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