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A Treasure hunt through Delhi

Treasure HuntShanti Travel came up with the brilliant idea of organizing a Treasure Hunt through exciting parts of South Delhi, which would take people to places they haven’t seen or don’t even know about. The amazing thing about Delhi is that it’s so big and with so much hidden heritage that it is was easy to work with this condition for a Treasure Hunt. In a nutshell that was the pretext of the organization of the first Shanti Travel Treasure Hunt. From there my work started…

The Preparation 

In order for an exciting Treasure Hunt one needs a starting point, some historical sites, a few modern highlights of the city, a finish, prize sponsors and preferably one or two main sponsors. Fortunately, when speaking to a few restaurants and potential sponsors we found out that they were very interested to be part of the whole event. By mixing and matching these organizations with elements of the event that we were planning to organize, the overall plan and structure of the event made itself. It was after this that the most difficult part of the organization of the Treasure Hunt started; namely the clues, assignments and tasks for the participants of the event.

So Delhi Comes into the Picture

At this point the team of So Delhi came into the picture. This company takes care of the website on which you can find endless information about Delhi, from its ancient monuments to its 21st century must-sees and must-do’s. They too were happy to be part of our event, especially since they now had a beautiful means of showing Delhiites (i.e. Indians as well as expatriates) some of the hidden gems of the city.

Fingers Crossed!

With all the hospitality partners, sponsoring companies, prize sponsors and all other organizations that were involved, I now had over 15 organizations to manage, satisfy and keep focused on making sure 80+ participants have a fun, fast-paced and unforgettable day. Quite a challenge! At the time I’m writing this article, four days before the big day, we have almost everything in place for a successful event and we have already 20 teams of 3 or 4 people registered to participate. Let’s hope all goes well and all participants have another unique experience in this amazing city. Next week, after the event, I’ll put up another blog post to review, evaluate and tell you all about the Treasure Hunt!

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