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Pushkar Fair – a kaleidoscope of colors and cattle

Decorated _Camel_Pushkar_FairRajasthan – the land of romance and charm

Rajasthan – this word can conjure up a whole array of images – undulating sand dunes, majestic camels, lakes, opulent palaces, ancient forts, and colors. Considered to be one of the most romantic destinations in India, Rajasthan has hosted many international celebrity weddings and honeymoons in the past. Its rich heritage, beautiful architecture and chivalrous ambience make it a popular tourist destination in North India.

Rajasthan_Pushkar_Fair_Folk_DancersPushkar – diminutive yet formidable

Cozily tucked away 11 kms from the district of Ajmer in Rajasthan, Pushkar is a small but fabled town. According to legend,  Lord Brahma, considered to be the ‘creator’ of the world, dropped a lotus on to earth, and that is when Pushkar came floating to the surface. This is why Pushkar has one of the world’s few Brahma temples. The small town is nestled around the revered Pushkar Lake, which sees thousands of pilgrims make their way every year to take a dip in its holy waters. Temples donned in white dot the ghats (lake shore), their reflection shining in the clear lake. On any given day you will see worshippers submerging themselves into the lake, hoping to emerge with all their sins expunged. The power of faith!

Rajasthan_Pushkar_Fair_Camel_HerdPushkar Fair – a rare spectacle to behold

The Puskhar Fair takes place in Pushkar once a year in the month of Kartika (October or November) according to the Hindu Lunar calendar. It is touted to be the largest cattle trade fair in India, and also one of the largest in the world! During this five-day fair, thousands of livestock traders from all parts of the country descend on this quaint town to sell and buy cattle, camels and other livestock. Long mustached and turbaned traders loiter around the area, fetching the best prices for their trade. Local women in colorful clothing sell bangles, bracelets, fabrics and other trinkets to the visitors.

Rajasthan_Pushkar_Fair_TraderA hot tourist attraction

Over the years, this fair has become a popular tourist attraction. Thousands of Indians and foreigners, who want to experience something wild and different, attend this fair and participate in various competitions held especially for them. The lure of colorfully-dressed locals, musicians, dancers, acrobats and priests pulls in bewitched tourists. The ambience is pregnant with music, shouts of traders, festivity, and marijuana smoke – a truly spectacular experience. This year, the Pushkar Fair will be held from the 9th till the 17th of November. The weather will be perfect at that time of the year, creating an even better experience for the visitors.

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