Namdapha National Park_Arunachal Pradesh1) Namdapha National Park: Arunachal Pradesh

Do you want to visit one of the richest wildlife sanctuaries in India, which is also the largest?  Namdapha is one of the most remote sites in eastern India. Near the Indo-Chinese border, the only way to access this formidable yet beautiful park is through Miao, located 25 kilometers from the border of Assam. Declared by the Indian Government as a Tiger Reserve, it is a bountiful sanctuary with immense and diverse flora and fauna. The bed of the river is beautiful and the unique government hotel is very well kept.



2) Cherrapunji or Sohra: Meghalaya

Located 1,500 meters above sea level on the plateau of Meghalaya, the view of the Bangladesh plains from this town is impressive. Cherapunjee is famous for one particular reason – it is the wettest place on Earth! The monsoon clouds from the Bay of Bengal float unhindered over Bangladesh till they hit the Khasi Hills, resulting in 20 meters of rain every year! The climate is tropical, leading to a particularly lush ambience. The famed Living Root Bridges are formed naturally from the roots of the Ficus tree.





Andaman Islands3) The Andaman Islands

Is the Andaman still unusual? There are only 8,000 foreigners who go there every year, along with many Indian honeymooners, but yes we believe that the archipelago is still an unusual place. Is it because of its difficult accessibility? Its wild beaches? The endemic species? The Burmese-Bengali-Tamil population? Or the fact that only 10 of the 470 islands of this archipelago are open to tourists? This is certainly a destination from which you will return amazed!




4) Kurseong Region: Darjeeling

On the road to Darjeeling, you must stop at Kurseong. The “Toy Train” or Darjeeling Himalayan Railway also passes through this place. You can stop here for lunch after arriving at Bagdodra, or you can also sleep there. No luxury, but definitely kitschy! A special teddy bear collection, a wacky library… some of the schools in this region will remind you of Harry Potter!



Mandu5) Omkareshwar: Madhya Pradesh

Stuck on the Narmada River, the island of Omkareshwar is a holy place that surprises! It is almost like Varanasi 1,500 years ago. In the center of the island, very old temple ruins give us an impression of Jungle Book. But a semblance of modernity is present. A huge dam ruins the view while you ride on a small boat. But for a dreamer, it is easy to recreate Lord Shiva, whom this temple reveres. Omkareshwar is one of the twelve most important centers of pilgrimage for Saiva, worshipers of Shiva.

A small detour to to Maheshwar and Mandu is definitely worth it. Mandu is a walled city twenty-two kilometers in circumference including mosques of the 15th century, red boxes, embedded in the jungle ruins.

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