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Horseback riding tours in Lombok Island

Horseback Riding Lombok

If you plan to visit in Indonesia, you cannot miss the horseback riding tours in Lombok Island. Lombok is located to the southeast of Bali in Indonesia and forms a part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. A relatively pristine island, Lombok provides a welcome change of scenery and plenty of adventure. The island is known for its virgin white sandy beaches and surf breaks. Lombok Island is usually toured on foot or by two-wheelers. But for those who seek peaceful exploration and some adventure, horse riding tours in Lombok are the way to go!

Discover the charm of Lombok on horseback

Lombok is one of the most romantic places to discover in Indonesia. A horse riding tour in Lombok takes you on trails that show you its many aspects. The idea is not to travel from place to place, but to explore the locales on horseback over a number of days. The landscape of Lombok is intensely varied. You’ll find forests, unspoiled beaches, turquoise water lagoons, fishing villages and volcanic mountains. Tour operators generally take small groups on short rides (2-4 hours) each day over the course of a week. A full day tour may also be included in your itinerary. On these trails you get to witness breathtaking panoramic views of the entire Lombok scenery.

Lombok Horse riding tours

You don’t need to be a rider to ride

Horseback riding tours in Lombok Island usually involve groups of 4 or 6 members along with a trainer or tour guide. It does not matter whether you’re a skilled rider or a total novice. Age is no bar either, because horseback riding in Lombok is fun for everyone! The level of expertise of every rider is taken into account while planning a tour. Hilly tracts, rice fields, sandy beaches and sleepy villages come alive when witnessed from the back of a trained horse. A major highlight of every horse riding tour in Lombok is swimming with your horses in the sea!

Bathing of Horses

Get to know your horses

The ponies native to the area are smaller, hence not employed for horseback riding tours in Lombok island. Horses are mostly brought in from Australia and trained for the tours by experts. In general, prior experience with horses isn’t required as the equines are well-behaved and very friendly. It is also possible to arrange special programs on request for beginners. Here they can learn how to approach and handle a horse. They can also get better acquainted with the horses they’ll be riding on the tours.

Horse Riding tour in Lombok

When to visit, what to do when not riding

Lombok can be visited all year round. The dry season from March to December is however considered the best period. Between December and February, Lombok receives rains in the afternoon with pleasant weather rest of the time. The sun scorches during the daytime; 10 am to 2 pm are the peak hours. It is therefore recommended to go on a horseback riding tour in Lombok in the early morning or late afternoon. During your leisure hours, you can indulge in many other fun activities. You can practise Yoga, go surfing or just sit back and relax on the seaside. You could also go for long lunches and sample the local cuisine.

Do not forget to pay a visit to one of the isolated fishing villages on Lombok Island. These hamlets are home to the native Sasak people, who are fishermen during dry season and farmers in the rainy season. They live in bamboo and palm houses and lead a traditional lifestyle. Discover the culture and traditions of these unique people on a horseback riding tour in Lombok Island. The adults will greet you warmly and the children will always be excited to see such big horses.

Beach in Lombok Island

You do not have to be a rider to enjoy a horse riding tour in Lombok Island. Its tranquil beaches and peaceful bays promise to take you to heaven and back. You can learn to ride an equine or brush up your riding skills with the tour guides and experts. You also get to swim in the ocean with the graceful animals and discover Lombok like never before. Choose to discover Lombok on horseback, and you’re bound to have a gala time on your trip to Indonesia.

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