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Top 5 beaches in Sri Lanka

sri lanka's top beaches

While planning your holiday in the pearl of the Indian Ocean, it is worth spending some time to discover the pristine beaches of this beautiful island.  In Sri Lanka, If you are travelling during the summer, the East coast will be the most appropriate to enjoy your beach stay. However, if you have planned your holidays to Sri Lanka during the winter, choose the West and the South coast. The tourism activity is more developed on the west and south coast, and the East coast became popular only in 2009 after being isolated for a long time. From the east coast to the West coast through the South coast, here is our top 5 beaches of Sri Lanka.

Uppuvelli Beach

Nilaveli and Uppuveli, The family friendly

The first name in the list of top 5 beaches of Sri Lanka is Nilaveli and Uppuveli beaches. Part of a Tamil territory that is located in the north of Trincomalee, Nilaveli and Uppuveli beaches are ideal for family beach holidays. The tourist influx was low until 2009 due to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and the Sri Lankan Civil War.  But from the beginning of 2010, after the end of the civil war there is a significant increase in tourist arrival to these two amazing beaches. Both the beaches have a sharp local charm and is a popular place to hang out for travelers coming to the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.  The white sand beaches of Nilaveli and Uppuveli represent idyllic place with their clear water and long white sandy beaches boarded by coconut trees. Children can play and swim safely and if you like diving and snorkeling, you can get on a boat to the Pigeon Island. Pigeon Island is a marine national park of Sri Lanka on the East province and just 1 kilometer from Nilaveli. This small island is surrounded by the coral reef where you can swim with turtles and harmless reef sharks! The island is also home to rock pigeons and it is an important breeding ground for them.

Mirissa, The Charming One

Set between a lush vegetation and massive rocks, Mirissa beach is one of the top 5 beaches of Sri Lanka. The exquisite Mirissa beach is situated in the southern tip of the Island and very close to Equator. Going for a stroll a down the beach is the perfect way to enjoy the colorful sky while the sunshine slowly reveals the beauty of the place. It boasts Sri Lanka’s one of the most beautiful sunrise and sunset. Apart from swimming and sunbathing, you can also do surfing in Mirrisa from November to March. You will surely enjoy the lively atmosphere of the beach in the evening. The tables are set on the sand and you can enjoy a candlelight dinner with some wave tickling your feet from time to time.  It is also in Mirissa harbor that you can get on a boat for a whale watching experience (from December to April) or on a sailing boat for a sunset cruise.  Without having to leave the main beach, kids will love exploring the turtle conservation center and help protecting them.

whale watching

Unawatuna, The Mythical

Ranking on number three for the top 5 beaches in Sri Lanka is a mythical Unawatuna beach. Just a few minutes away from the Galle fort, Unawatuna is a famous beach of Sri Lanka also known for its coral. In the year 2004, the Discovery Channel named Unawatuna as the world’s best beach. Shaped as a moon crescent, it fit all the requirement to be the perfect setting for postcard from Sri Lanka. Even if the beach was shortened by the erosion and the guesthouses located right on the sand, it’s still is the ideal location for family holiday. For a wider variety of atmosphere, you can easily go for a stroll in the Galle fort which is just 6 kilometers from the beach.

tangalle beach

Tangalle, The Wild One

Think about a place to be, where you can find only white sandy beach with turquoise water stretching as long as your eyes can see and that is Tangalle, our fourth pick for the top 5 beaches in Sri Lanka. You can call it a gateway to wander wide spaces and open beaches of southeast Sri Lanka. In Tangalle, the cast is made of many little beautiful beaches and small creeks. In Tangalle, Madilla beach is ideal for a walk and sunbathing while Medaketiya will be loved by wave seekers. Coral beach is protected by a coral reef representing a place to go for a swim in clear waters and peaceful atmosphere. A visit to Rekawa beach can be fun-filled day for your kids as it is a one of the best sight in Sri Lanka for Turtle watching. You can also add a day trip to Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary combined with a visit to the mysterious plateau of Ussangoda.

sunset beach sri lanka

Induruwa, The Quiet One

Last but not the least among the top 5 beaches of Sri Lanka is the quiet Induruwa beach. The magnificent beach of Induruwa and its coconut bordered landscape is a long beach and ideal to wander along the see. During your day walk, you will meet more fishermen than tourist. As the beach is located relatively close to Bentota, the oldest seaside destination in Sri Lanka, it will be easy to get back to a more bustling area.

Now you have enough information about the beaches to lazing around in Sri Lanka. From relaxing beach walk to surfing and snorkeling you can experience an amazing beach holidays in Sri Lanka. To visit any of these beaches that we have listed as top 5 beaches in Sri Lanka for you than check out programs here You can contact one of our travel experts for Sri Lanka who will advise and help you to create an itinerary to suit your taste and your desires.

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