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Best time to visit Indonesia for Holidays

Holiday to Indonesia

Wondering what is the best time to visit Indonesia? Here’s all you need to know to plan your next trip there. With about 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. And there are almost as many good reasons to travel there with family or friends. From wildlife to local culture and population, there is a great change of scenery from one island to another in Indonesia. But this raises the crucial question of organizing your vacation: when is the best time to visit Indonesia? Should you travel to Bali for the Christmas holidays or Komodo for Spring Break? Answered below in a few lines are the questions every wise traveler seeks to answer before organizing their well-deserved vacation.

Getting a Visa for Indonesia

First let’s talk paperwork. Indonesia issues a visa on arrival at the airport. This Visa on Arrival is available for 36 countries including the European Union. To obtain it, you will have to pay a sum of $35. You’ll also require a passport valid for 6 months from your departure, having at least one blank page. For more information, you could visit the website of the Indonesian embassy: if you are a citizen of United Kingdom and for American nationals.

Vaccination and Prevention of Malaria

It is always best to consult your doctor before travelling. But it may be of help to know that there are no compulsory vaccinations for entering Indonesia except for yellow fever. That one is only needed for people who’ve stayed in Africa or South America. And who says tropical countries mean mosquito attacks from dawn to dusk? A good mosquito repellent gives enough protection in Java and Bali, where malaria is almost nonexistent. Indonesia in general falls in risk zone 2 for Malaria. But Papua and Maluku areas are in risk zone 3, so extra care must be taken.

Money: The Indonesian rupiah

With an exchange rate of £1 for about 19,375 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and $1 for about 13027 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), you’ll be a millionaire during your holiday! The majority of transactions in Indonesia are made in rupiah. So you’ll rarely get the chance to pay in dollars. We advise you to change money directly at the airport. You could also make withdrawals from distributors found in most Indonesian cities.

Spring Holidays to Indonesia

Spring break between nature and culture

Now that you know how to reach Indonesia, let’s take a look at your holiday. You can finally see the end of the winter tunnel in the distance. Craving to welcome the spring season the way it should be done? Take a sun bathe in Indonesia!  Celebrate the beginning of the dry season in the middle of rice fields or on top of a volcano. Get lost in the tropical jungle, dangle your feet in cool water. There is so much to do in Indonesia, why should you have to choose?

What’s the weather like?

By the end of April, the dry season starts rearing its nose. Most of the islands enjoy beautiful weather during this time. The only exceptions are Sulawesi and Sumatra, where it is always wise to take a rain jacket along. From Java to Flores Komodo through Bali and Lombok, temperatures range between 20 and 31 degrees. To the delight of even the most cautious of travellers!


The Indonesian spring is a special treat for art and music enthusiasts. In May and June, Java becomes the setting for a brilliant jazz festival. At the same time there is an arts festival in Yogyakarta. Also not to miss is the Buddhist festival Waisak at Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

Our recommendation

Land in Java at the start of spring break. Take advantage of the low tourist season, participate in all the festivals. Take time out for a visit to Borobudur and Yogyakarta with family or friends. Head out to East Java to be mesmerized by the Ijen and Bromo volcanoes. And while you’re there, why not continue your journey onto Bali? Followed perhaps by a cruise to meet the dragons of Komodo Flores? Spring might turn out to be the best time to visit Indonesia after all.

Summer Holidays to IndonesiaSummer holidays with friends and family

Want to hit an exotic, scenic location for a great summer vacation? Indonesia awaits! Avoid the vagaries of the peak tourist season by taking unusual routes. Move from island to island; make your own trip in this wonderful country.

What’s the weather like?

The weather is good and the rainy season is far behind you. This could be the best time to visit Indonesia for those who prefer to travel dry. Sulawesi and Sumatra are still subject to occasional precipitation though.


August 17 marks the Independence Day of Indonesia. It is celebrated with grand ceremonies held throughout the archipelago. Do not miss the ancient tribal funeral rites at Tana Toraja. Learning about a new and bizarre culture can be quite an experience.

Our recommendation

The climate is conducive for a pleasant trip to Indonesia. But you got to beware of the high tourist season. Opt for an unusual holiday instead. We will put together a fully customized trip in keeping with your desires. Through the Javanese countryside, Tana Toraja and the unexplored areas of Bali, come with us on the road to real Indonesia!

Thanksgiving Holidays to Indonesia

Thanksgiving holiday for lovers

You plan to go for a vacation and to bask in the sun. But you’d probably like to get some peace of mind. Not like your last vacation on a crowded beach on August 15. Is that right? Then it’s the best time for you to visit Indonesia on a holiday!

What’s the weather like?

Around this time, the windy season is drawing to a close. You can easily get a lot of sun on the islands of Bali, Java and Komodo. Tana Toraja in Sulawesi, which usually gets a lot of rain, also experiences its driest season at this time.


Do not miss the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival held in October-November in Bali. It includes many exciting events ranging from book launches, musical performances and literary dinners to cooking classes and introduction to Balinese cuisine.

Our recommendation

This is definitely one of the best times to visit Indonesia. Perfect for organizing your honeymoon in Bali and the Gili Islands after a summer wedding. An amazing holiday with the sun and tranquillity is guaranteed!

Christmas Holidays to IndonesiaChristmas holiday with the family

You haven’t yet unpacked your bags from the last holiday and it’s already time to ask – where to go for the Christmas holidays? And what if Santa was hiding under a coconut tree this year? Well, Christmas would be the best time to visit Indonesia then! What with exploring, meeting new people and relaxing, a holiday could easily tire you out. But Indonesia lets you organize a trip tailored according to your family and the pace of the holiday season.

What’s the weather like?

Let not the rainy season stop you! Because unlike other Asian countries, in Indonesia the rains are intermittent. So any time is the best time to visit Indonesia! Lombok and Sulawesi are more prone to frequent rains. Meanwhile, Bali, Java and Komodo remain occasionally cloudy.


The New Year in Bali is one event not to be missed. There is something for everyone, whether it is the great gourmet restaurants or beach parties.

Our recommendation

Go for an unusual family Christmas. Spend December 25 in a Balinese village, or on top of a volcano in Java. You could also take your family on a cruise to discover the Komodo dragons. Recipe for an exceptional Christmas for the whole family. Some wonderful memories to start the year with!

Winter holidays for the frequent travellers

There indeed is no snow in Indonesia, but winter means very low tourist traffic. For peace-loving travellers, this translates as the best time to visit Indonesia. Abandon the ski for once! Head out instead to marvel at the great monuments of Java and Bali. Or pay a tranquil visit to the Sumatran Orangutans maybe?

What’s the weather like?

The rains are intermittent but are common throughout Indonesia, especially Sulawesi, Komodo and Flores. In northern Sumatra, rainfall is scarce between January and March. But there’s nothing to worry about. The ocean temperature usually averages 28 degrees, just enough to go for a delicious swim.


Several festivals enliven Indonesia between January and March. There is bound to be something for everyone. In January, attend the Grebeg ceremony in the presence of the Sultan of Yogyakarta! In February the festival of fishing, “Nyale”, awaits you in Lombok. March brings with it the Bali Spirit Festival for lovers of yoga and relaxation.

Our recommendation

For a winter holiday in Indonesia, leave your skis in the closet and pick up good shoes! Explore the Sumatran jungle; take your family to meet the orangutans in their natural habitat. The lean season is the best time to visit Indonesia with friends. Away from the summer crowds, you can discover Bali and Java in a whole new light.

Traveling in off season to IndonesiaTraveling off-season?

If you want to avoid school holidays but do not yet know when to visit Indonesia, here’s the help you need.

Travelers, both novices and seasoned, know all too well: the prices of tickets go from dirt cheap to double depending upon the time of the year. Similarly hotel prices vary between low, medium and high according to season. You can stay at a charming hotel in the heart of Yogyakarta for cheap. Or perhaps at a villa with a private pool in Bali! Because travelling during off season in Indonesia rhymes perfectly with the word ‘savings’.

I’ve always preferred my tried and tested plan of travelling in the off season. You get to have all the cultural sites, national parks and diving spots to yourself. That is a luxury that comes either with living in the country or visiting in the off season. To discover the culture and population at your own pace, off season is the best time to visit Indonesia.

Our pick for the top 3 periods to travel off-season in Indonesia: April, May-June and late September-October.

Now you know when to leave for Indonesia? Contact Shanti Travel to organize your custom travel in Indonesia. We will be happy to advise you and create a holiday that fits all your needs.

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