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Thoughts and support for the people of Nepal

Situation in Nepal

Five days after the terrible earthquake that hit Nepal, we would like to update all of you about the situation that has unfolded in Nepal every day since Saturday with our teams, our travelers and friends who are there.

The teams of Shanti Travel Nepal and the travelers of Shanti Travel are safe & OK. 8 travelers were in Nepal during last Saturday’s earthquake, and are out of danger. 6 of them have left Nepal, and 2 are currently in Chitwan.

Many of you have sent us emails inquiring about our onsite teams, and we thank you warmly.

General Situation

Till date, more than 5,000 have been declared dead and 10,000 wounded, while hundreds of thousands have been rendered homeless. The toll is expected to rise in the coming days as rescue operations reach the remote mountainous areas.

Situation in Kathmandu

The current situation in Kathmandu is critical. Clean water is already running out, many buildings still threaten to fall apart; electricity is minimal, blood is required for the wounded, and many residents are homeless. Dozens of camps have been established around the capital to accommodate the homeless.

The aftershocks of the earthquake and consistent rain for 2 days have now died down, finally offering some relief to the people of the Nepalese capital. The airport reopened on Sunday morning in Kathmandu, and was inundated with doctors, nurses, anaesthetists, logistics, and equipment. Some Nepalese and international NGOs are at work since Saturday. Many inhabitants of Kathmandu are trying to leave the capital to find refuge elsewhere.

Situation in the Mountains

In the mountains, the most affected regions are those of Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang and Helambu, located in the North and North-West of Kathmandu. The districts of Gorkha and Lamjung seem to be most affected as they are located in the epicenter of the first earthquake. The villages of Syabru Bensi and Syabru Gaon have also been badly affected. As for the village of Langtang, it was completely destroyed by an avalanche. The Base Camp of Mount Everest has also been severely affected by an avalanche.

In the West, the regions of Annapurna, Mustang, and Dolpo were relatively spared. The city of Pokhara was also largely spared. This is the case in the eastern region too, in the region of the Kangchenjunga. The road from Kathmandu to Lhasa is inaccessible currently due to landslides and rockfalls. Southern Tibet is also affected by the earthquake.

How can we help the people of Nepal

Many of you have offered your help. Please find below the contact details of NGOs that are currently working on site to assist.

We recommend the Karuna Shechen association, founded and chaired by Matthieu Ricard, who has been living in Kathmandu for over 30 years

Doctors without Borders

Handicap International

The Red Cross


We are deferring all travel to Nepal and Tibet until 1 June 2015.

In the month of June, we invite you to come travel to Nepal. The people of Nepal will need visitors more now than ever, as tourism represents a very large share of economic activity in the country. Please send your thoughts and prayers to the people of Nepal.

Best Wishes,

The Shanti Travel Team

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