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Why choose Shanti Travel for Trekking in Ladakh?

Prayer Flag on top of a monastery in ladakh

Shanti Travel is an Indo-European travel agency based in New Delhi and also in Leh. We have been organizing trekking in Ladakh for 10 years and are specialists in customized trips. Our experts on site are constantly connected to you by phone or email. They build your trip with exclusive and original destinations for a trek that’s off the beaten track.

We offer individual trips, or in small groups with fixed dates. But many guests also contact us to go on a “tailored” trip, thus giving us more flexibility on the travel dates and each route.

Trekking in Ladakh is closest to our heart for several reasons. Our director, a former mountain guide, has relayed his passion for adventure travel to his team. This authentic paradise located in the extreme north of India is dubbed as “Little Tibet”. It is a haven for peace in India. The Tibetan Buddhist culture and timeless rocky landscapes offer a breathtaking sight to every traveler who gets a chance to penetrate the heart of the “Land of the high passes.” The possibility of treks is vast and walkers of all levels can find their happiness while trekking in Ladakh.

Ladakh Highway

The season runs from June to September, after a long winter break. You have the option of getting there by plane, which is the fastest, or via a drive full of great adventure through the legendary Trans-Himalayas. If you’re not great walkers and prefer to explore Ladakh by jeep, we can arrange a tailor-made trip through the area, with only a few steps to walk each day. The ideal way is to choose your travel dates to coincide with a Buddhist festival like Hemis or Lamayuru, which generally take place in June.

Trekking in Ladakh with Shanti Travel guarantees you a vast expertise gained over several years by our teams. We manage your entire trip, starting from the moment you step in India for Ladakh trekking. During the preparation of your trip we answer all your questions regarding the relevance of a given route, the difficulty of the trek, the climate, paperwork, health precautions and so on.

Goods Truck at Ladakh Highway

If you want to take the opportunity to discover another region of India before or after your stay in Ladakh, we also offer a relaxing sojourn in the majestic forts of Rajasthan or simply a visit to the Taj Mahal.

One of the formulas adopted most commonly by the trekkers is the small organized group. There’s nothing better than joining other adventure enthusiasts on such a trip and making fresh and beautiful memories. All our programs are guaranteed, so you can be sure that the trip will take place whether there is 1 participant or 12.

Our local presence in India ensures better quality and rates as compared to those offered by agencies based in Europe. You successfully avoid the middlemen and you get quality service and fair compensation from our local teams.

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Shanti Travel also endeavours to follow a process of environmental friendliness. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in different actions. First of all, we only work with local providers. We are committed to working with them over the long term to ensure their sustainable remuneration. We educate our staff to respect the environment and management of water resources and wastes. In addition, we support various projects on site conservation and restoration of historical heritage. At the end of each season we perform a cleaning trek on the most visited trails in the summer.

We are there to welcome you to Leh from day one. We will give you the best tips for a smooth acclimatization during your trekking in Ladakh. Just listen to us carefully and everything will go well. You will also have a local representative in Delhi for support, twenty four hours seven days a week, in case a problem occurs. If you desire for any additional activities or last minute changes, we are there to meet your needs at any time and to make your stay in Ladakh unforgettable. At the beginning and end of the journey, you will meet our travel expert who can be found on site throughout the season. Perhaps you might already know our travel expert, Julie – our Queen of the Himalayas.

Delhi to Leh

To contact Rajendra, our expert in Delhi or Julie, our expert based in Leh, and of course to discover our programs for trekking in Ladakh, visit:

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