Shanti Travel > Happy New Year 2014 from Alex, Founder of Shanti Travel

Happy New Year 2014 from Alex, Founder of Shanti Travel

Shanti Travel has opened a new office in Nepal
Shanti Travel has opened a new office in Nepal

Dear Travellers,

Happy New Year 2014

Live from New Delhi, Pondicherry, Colombo, Bali and Kathmandu, the team of Shanti Travel wishes you a very happy 2014. Fill this year with extraordinary trips…

2013 has been an intense year for Shanti Travel. More than 6,000 travelers trusted us with their holidays in Asia. Our travel expert Alexis went to Indonesia to open our new office with a new team to create exciting and authentic trips across the archipelago. And this is only the beginning. In 2013, we also added the mystical destination of Burma to our repertoire, after the country finally opened itself to the world after decades of dictatorship. 2013 was also a year for content with over 80 articles published on our English Blog so we could share our vision and passion for travel in Asia, a continent so rich and varied. Finally, and this is what we are most proud of, in 2013 96% of our guests were satisfied or very satisfied with their trip.

All this was made possible thanks to you, so please accept our gratitude and best wishes. 2014 will be another year of change for Shanti Travel. We will offer you better travels, richer experiences, varied emotions and great wonderment. We aim to achieve these through many steps.

Shanti Travel’s new office in Nepal

Our travel expert Julie along with Shiva and their team is busy creating trips and treks for you to the Land of the Himalayas. We will offer classic itineraries but also off beat and unique ones, just for you! You can trek among the high peaks of the Himalayas, encounter fascinating people, visit architectural delights and discover wildlife, flora & fauna. Nepal offers endless possibilities for unique traveling. You can also explore our combined trips of Nepal-Tibet and Nepal-Bhutan.

A new destination: Mongolia!


This mystical country has nearly 3 million inhabitants over an area that is 3 times bigger than France. Its mountains are a haven for trekkers and the rugged terrain is perfect for horseback riding tours. Follow in the footsteps of Genghis Khan and spot the camel caravans among the dunes of the Gobi Desert. Partake in the lives of the nomads of Mongolia. After several weeks spent in Mongolia last summer, our travel expert Sophie will present her travel creations very soon. Stay tuned!

New Thematic Travels in Asia

In 2014, discover new, authentic and off the beaten track destinations through a series of thematic trips in Asia: photographic travel, horseback riding tours in India, Sri Lanka & Mongolia, diving holidays in Andaman, Sri Lanka, Indonesia & Maldives, festival tours in India and Sri Lanka, wellness travel, etc.

We love sharing our passion for travel and Asia with you every day and we invite you to discover the first instalment of a long series of Shanti Travel videos, entitled « Trip in North India »! Watch our video

We hope to see you soon in Asia.


Alexandre Beuan, Founder and the entire team of Shanti Travel

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