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A Video of North India by Shanti Travel – A Thoughtful Project!

Julien filming a weaving process
Julien filming a weaving process

Things change, communication tools evolve.

Since its inception in 2005, Shanti Travel has capitalized on words and images to convey its passion for travel in Asia. In 2014, the agency’s website will start offering a catalogue of videos about its destinations.

Of course, the medium has its challenges and anyone can take Smartphone software and simply assemble a video.  However, Shanti Travel wanted to show off its professionalism and its vision of traveling in Asia. This is why I hit the roads of the North India plains to capture the best of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Accompanied by Julien, a professional photographer from France, we journeyed across the landscapes of North India to capture the magic of this region.

It is important to understand why and how. These videos are a new way for Shanti Travel to express its passion for travel and the countries in which the expert teams specialize. The agency offers tailor-made trips, so we want our videos to showcase our vision of authentic travel which can be enriching, strong and sometimes disturbing.

Why and How

That's me, Clemence, on a road of North India
That's me, Clemence, on a road of North India

Working in a travel agency of course made things easier for us in terms of facilitating the trip. Julien and I slipped into the shoes of a Shanti traveller and enjoyed the same services and advice and discovered the secret corners of North India.

In North India, it took us 17 days to leave and return to Delhi. Meanwhile, miles of road and train rides led us to discover cities such as Varanasi and Jaisalmer and the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. We visited famous cities and also went down the roads that led us to small forgotten corners. We had the opportunity to review hotels, enjoy their services, check the quality of roads after the monsoon and enjoy many more experiences.

North India & many memories

Julien capturing the magic of Varanasi
Julien capturing the magic of Varanasi

Our itinerary was of course an accelerated version of what every traveler is accustomed to enjoy. The number of kilometers and car hours accumulated were large. I still remember the variety of landscapes that paraded before my eyes and all those wonderful people I crossed with whom I shared some special moments. So yes, it was a bit of a race and I would have appreciated some more time to enjoy some places, but I can always look back at those moments captured by Julien’s camera and that is what counts.

Once back in Delhi, the selection of the best video rushes and writing the script began. As I had the highlights of our trip in my mind, I was able to suggest the best passages to the editor. He added his own touch and voila, the result is 1 minute 30 second film that expresses Shanti Travel’s vision of a trip to North India. This film is also in my opinion the expression of Shanti Travel’s personality, a mix between the expertise of an agency and the passion of a traveler on the most beautiful roads of Asia. I think this identity is the force of Shanti Travel that pushed the agency to want to share its vision with this video project.

A powerful and moving experience, it’s time for you to enjoy the product.

Watch the Video Here.

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