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Bihu, the essence of Assam

The festival Bihu beginsIndia, an agriculture based country, witnesses almost all the seasons throughout a year. It is, thus, blessed with a rich and fertile soil harvesting a wide range of crops. Through centuries, Indian farmers and villagers have found ways to make harvesting an enjoyable part of their lives. They celebrate different seasons through festivals where they dress up in traditional attires, dance in groups and sing songs in order to thank God for a bountiful harvest. Bihu, the prime and significant festival of Assam, is celebrated three times in a year.

Main types of Bihu

Celebration of BihuThe three main types of Bihu are the Rongali Bihu (or Bohag Bihu), Kongali Bihu (or Kati Bihu) and Bhogali Bihu (or Magh Bihu). The Rongali Bihu is celebrated in the month of April (in the Assamese month of Bohag), the Kongali Bihu is celebrated in middle of October (in the Assamese month of Kati) and the Bhogali Bihu is celebrated in the month of January (in the Assamese month of Magh). Among the three, however, the Rongali Bihu is celebrated with the most festivity and ceremonial fanfare.

Bihu elsewhere

Bihu is celebrated all across the state of Assam with much merriment. It is also celebrated by the Assamese across India and the world. The Assamese people living in different states of India celebrate Bihu by conducting functions in Assamese societies.

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