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Dilli Haat – The King of all Haats

Dilli Haat Entrance

Dilli Haat in New Delhi reminds me of a village bazaar (marketplace). It has been here for over a decade but has not lost its sheen and still draws people from every strata. Be it the Delhiites or tourists, its charm mesmerises them alike.

Something new to offer, always

The colourful array of garmentsI have gone there 2-3 times but every time it has something new to offer me. It was a special weekend last week when I took my newly wed wife along to this wonderful haat. She is new to Delhi, but seeing this marketplace she became very excited and thanked me for reliving that village fair environment with vendors strolling everywhere with a lot of articles on display openly. You can check this place out for handicrafts and authentic Indian trinkets that are in plenty.

Dilli Haat is different

Trinkets and collectiblesDilli Haat is a shoppers’ paradise and a cool place to hang out. A village experience in the heart of city – People from every walk of life have something to offer and they become relaxed by its noise free atmosphere away from the chaos, traffic and callouts. It is pretty clean. You get village specialties like handloom, brassware, woodwork, jewellery, paintings, footwear, bangles, bags, rugs, sculptures, terracotta and so on..You will find real villagers selling their items and mind you, they don’t accept credit cards (seems weird, but they have still retained that old transaction process). Bargaining is customary, so feel free to use your talent. And last but not the least, you have your Delhi belly to fill as well, so don’t worry – here you get plenty of options to enjoy regional delicacies like momos, butter chicken, kadhi chawal, chole, pani pudi, dosas, mishty doi, and yes they have paan varieties also.

So go on and sample the old village days by visiting this exciting place. I am sure, you will have many surprises in store!

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