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The five most beautiful temples in Burma

best temples in myanmar

Are you fond of ancient buildings and history and want to see the most beautiful temples in Burma? Let me take you on a journey to discover my favourite temples around this beautiful country. From Bagan to Yangon via Mrauk U, come and explore the temples that find their place among the top ranked historic places in Asia.

Shwedagon in Yangon

shwedagon pagoda in yangon

How can we not start the list of best temples in Burma with the Shwedagon Pagoda? Shwedagon is truly the most beautiful monument in Burma. This pagoda (which is also surrounded by several smaller temples) is the most sacred place for the Buddhists of the country. The fervour inside the temple is huge. The pagoda stands out like the flame of a fire from miles away. Observing the top of the Shwedagon temple twinkle at night remains a defining moment for all travellers in Burma. One can also marvel at the Shwedagon along with panoramic views of the surroundings from the famous Vista Bar.

Dhammazedi in Bagan

dhammazedi in bagan

Named after a former monk who ruled the kingdom of Pegu, Dhammazedi is a major temple of the Bagan plain. Easily recognized by its shape that closely resembles a pyramid, Dhammazedi is in stark contrast with the surrounding landscape. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful temples in Burma. It also has the rare advantage that only the big temples of Bagan have – you can climb inside the pagoda through a small staircase.

Kothaung in Mrauk U

kothaung temple in mrauk u

Kothaung is undoubtedly the most beautiful temple of Mrauk U region. Located in the northern part of Burma, the Mrauk U temples date back to a more recent period than those at Bagan. They are therefore often in a better condition that most temples in Burma. Kothaung has an imposing edifice that will instantly strike you as the first impression of the temple when you approach it by road.

The temple also stuns you from the inside, since the corridors are beautiful and create magic with the lights. Buddha statues are obviously to be found everywhere. That is also from where the temple gets its name, since Kothaung means 90,000, which is the number of representations of Buddha in the temple.

Kyauk kalap in Hpa-An

kyauk kalap in hpa an

If you come looking for a temple that is like no other temple in Burma, you can head straight to Kyauk kalap. The temple itself has nothing exceptional about it, but for its location, which is in fact at the top of a very narrow rock. If you visit Kyauk kalap you might be lucky enough to meet the Karens (an ethnic group native to the Hpa region) in their traditional costumes. The place is especially popular amongst newly-wed couples for their wedding photography!

Me Nu Oak Kyaung

monastery in mandalay

Behind this complicated name hides a pretty impressive temple of Ava in the Mandalay region. A former monastery made of brick (not teak, as was customary at the time), Me Nu Oak Kyaung is commonly called the brick monastery and remains one of the most stunning temples in Burma. Little visited and still in excellent condition, you will remember the Me Nu Oak Kyaung temple largely for its elegant interiors and massive foundation.

Want to visit these temples?

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