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What is Shakti Mela? Dr. Kathy Kangarloo Answer your Questions

Dr. Kathy Kangarloo at Women Expo
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We recently interviewed Dr. Kathy Kangarloo, the creator of Shakti Mela to know more about this spiritual event thats is especially created for women. Here is all that you need to know about the Shakti Mela – a joyous convention and International Women’s Yoga Conference.

1. How was the idea of Shakti Mela born?

Dr. Kathy – I was sitting in the restaurant of the spectacular Ganga Kinare Hotel in Rishikesh looking at Mother Ganga.  Her beauty, her grace, and her power took me to a deep meditation…feeling the Yin energy in her flow, asking for help.  Mother Earth is in need of loving kindness; we as women can and must take the responsibility to bring the healing energy of love and caring back to our planet.  The earth is wounded; she is in need of compassion and peace.  I am certain that by gathering women from all walks of life to meditate and connect with the heart of the earth we will not only merge with the self-within but also heal our beloved earth.

This is the energy behind ShaktiMela!  Pretty powerful!

2. What will be the main feature of this conference?

Dr. Kathy – This conference is about healing the self on many levels; physical, emotional, and spiritual healing is the focus of the conference. Through the magic of self-healing, we offer healing energy of love and compassion to the Earth …our Home.

3. Why have you chosen Rishikesh as the venue?

River Ganges in Rishikesh

Dr. Kathy – I have always loved the energy of Rishikesh.  Rishikesh has it all; the Earth in Rishikesh is highly energized with feminine healing, Chi.  The people of Rishikesh are extremely kind and compassionate and, of course, our retreat center has it all…our home to ShaktiMela; The Hotel Ganga Kinare!

4. What should a woman expect to take away from the Shakti Mela?

Dr. Kathy – Healthy body, calm mind, expanded spirit, self- love, self- respect and the power to manifest her dreams and desires…

Shakti Mela

5. How can someone participate in the event?

Dr. Kathy – It is super easy.  Go to  to get all the information about our exciting classes, gorgeous venue and incredibly affordable packages!

Go to “Book Now” to register.

Shakti Mela for Women
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I cannot wait to walk the path with you…We will have tons of fun!

Peace and light in all that you do

Dr. Kathy Kangarloo (Yogi Ma)

You can also check our tailor made program for Shakti Mela:

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