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Top Five Volcano Hikes in Indonesia

Volcano Hike in IndonesiaIndonesia is home to 13% of the world’s volcanoes and a low down on the top 5 volcano hike in Indonesia is just what you need to embark on a volcano hiking trail across the archipelago. Indonesia lies at the confluence of four tectonic plates, making it the country with the largest number of active and semi-active volcanoes. The sheer barrenness and gargantuan proportions of these volcanic mountains make them an awe-inspiring natural wonder and a popular tourist spot as well. Set out on one or more of these 5 best volcano hikes in Indonesia.

Sunrise in Mount Batur

Mount Batur Volcano Hike

Bali isn’t just about the sea, the beaches and the traditional Balinese massages. Mount Batur is a very popular active volcano in Bali that stands at over 1700 metres and overlooks a big crater lake at its bottom. Climbing up the mountain takes a not so challenging 2-3 hour volcano hike that offers stunning views of entire Bali and its surrounding islands. At the base of Mount Batur, there are several hot springs that are also believed to have healing properties.

Mount Bromo Volcano Hike

Mount Bromo Volcano Hike

Mount Bromo, located within the iconic Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, stands 2329 metres tall on the island of Java. It is surrounded by the remarkable Tengger caldera, Java’s largest sea of sand. Ride up Penanjakan Mountain overhanging Batok, Semeru and Bromo Volcanoes through the night to witness a breathtaking sunrise view of an infinite undulating landscape from the summit. Then ride back down on the caldera and get ready for a 30 min hike up the slope of Bromo volcano. You can also ride up on ponies. The entire top of the mountain has been blown off and it constantly spews white sulphurous smoke. It being one of the most active volcanoes on the planet, proper precautions must be taken while going on a volcano hike up Mount Bromo.

Sunrise from Mount AgungMount Agung Volcano Hike

Bali’s tallest and most active volcanic mountain, Mount Agung holds special spiritual significance for the Balinese people as its southern slopes are home to Pura Besakih or the ‘Mother Temple’. A religious festival is held here every year during the 10th month of the lunar calendar. Hikes are available there, one starting from Sacred Pura Besakih. A rather challenging trek, it might takes 6-7 hours to complete, so it is advisable to set off from the base by 10 pm, or to start earlier and camp under tents on the way. This one offers the most spectacular view. Alternatively, you can start from Pasar Agung Temple, one of the nine temples, on another side of the volcano. This hike takes up to 5 hours, depending on your pace. The difficulty level of hiking is high but the view is worth the effort!

The mountain is 3142 metres high, however conquering the summit is a very rewarding feeling.

Volcano Hike in Mount IjenMount Ijen Volcano Hike

Mount Ijen on Java Island is a quiet but still active volcanic mountain. It is most famous for its large crater lake, by far the largest acidic volcanic lake in the world that is filled with beautiful turquoise sulphur water. The lake emits flames that appear smoky white in broad daylight and a sizzling blue in the darkness of the night. Most people who travel to Java make a beeline for Mount Ijen to behold this wonderful natural phenomenon. The mountain’s vent is also a source of pure sulphur and collectors can be seen trudging up the mountain around dawn and returning at the end of the day with baskets of quarried sulphur on their shoulders.

Volcano Hike in Mount RinjaniMount Rinjani Volcano Hike

At 3726 metres, Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island is the second tallest volcano in the entire Indonesian archipelago. A volcano hike on this mountain is by far the most fascinating of all 5 volcano hikes on this list. It is located within a huge caldera of 50 square kilometres area. A two or three-day trek on Mount Rinjani involves hiking up from Senaru to the rim of the crater, then down to the beautiful cobalt blue crater lake called Anak Segara, from where hikers often move on to Sembulan Lawang. Or vice-versa, starting from Sembalun, to finish in Senaru. The trek has spectacular views all around of mountains and the sprawling ocean. You can also spot various exotic animals such as macaques, civets and barking deer on the way. The whole experience is surreal and unforgettable.

Volcano hike is one of the most popular adventurous activities to indulge in when in Indonesia, but some precautions should certainly be taken. Travellers must carry torches, spare batteries, adequate food and drink and some basic trekking equipment with them to help make sure their volcano hike experiences are hassle-free and memorable.

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