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On the road to Ubud and Seminyak

Rice Fields in BaliAlthough the time on the road between Ubud and Seminyak is barely one and a half hours, it is an incredible journey to rediscover the color green, its nuances, and the beauty of chlorophyll. Rice terraces offered the sense of peace that we had come looking for. The serenity of green in the surrounding water is a feeling that I will cherish for a very long time. During the trip with an infant to Bali, we stopped to show him the rice fields and very often, the friendly people would just come up to us and have some fun. On the road, we could see hundreds of workshops and factories, producing artefacts, furniture and other objects that have filled the best houses in the world. The beauty of these objects made us want to buy a collectible as a memorabilia of Bali!

The beauty of BaliThe amazing stay

The villa that we took on rent in Bali was a little after Ubud, in the village of Tegallalang. The temples in each of the houses stand along the road in a sort of guard of honor. To get there, we passed miles of rice terraces in the soothing gray of the rainy season. The stay in Ubud in a host house was an intense experience. We arrived late at night in the villa in Ubud. The house was very big with about five rooms. We were given the loft room upstairs. The view from the room was impressive, as it overlooked the garden and the hills. Downstairs, a hidden staircase descended into a huge living room. We ate a delicious traditional Balinese meal. Before the meal we enjoyed seeing some peasants toiling away in the rice fields. Enclosed between two hills, rice fields stretched to the horizon. The beauty of the place was spellbinding. The place was ideal for tea, or a short stop to think or meditate. In the evening, our driver who spoke French proposed we go to his hometown to see a magic waterfall. We went there in pleasant anticipation. The place was actually superb. We had to go through lush vegetation, and small waterfalls came from every corner of the rocks. After 30 minutes, we descended upon the magic waterfalls. Bali is truly magical!

Balinese butterflyShanti Travel in Bali

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