Dosa from South IndiaDiscover North to South Indian cuisine

India has 28 states, 22 official languages, and almost as many different culinary traditions. If you have been to Delhi, you may have already sampled the northern cuisines of Rajasthan, the Himalayas, and the North-Eastern states. North Indian cuisine is based on mostly wheat and yogurt products, compared to South Indian cuisine which is centered on sea food and rice. You can enjoy all these culinary differences by making a tour of some restaurants in Delhi! In one evening, you can travel around India through food! Before exploring all of these dishes, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire describing your food preferences, your desires, and of course your tolerance for spicy food.

Yummy yummyYou go where your appetite takes you!

The tour begins with a tea tasting session. From green tea to white tea, our guide tells us all about their origin and their mode of production. Then the real fun begins! We continue the tour with a local restaurant serving north Indian cuisine. The menu consisted of butter chicken and palak paneer (Indian cheese with spinach). We then went across the country to enjoy the good food from the South: sambar and dosa. Finally, we come back to North India to regale ourselves with grilled meats. The last step is the most unusual. A restaurant chain has developed the concept of street kitchens. While travelling in a car in Delhi, you can find food at any time of day or night. However, you need to be careful about the hygiene – you cannot afford to be gifted with the dreaded Delhi Belly!

Grilled ChickenA window into the evolution

This tour of Delhi is not a simple tasting of dishes; it is also a window into the history and culinary culture of India through an experienced and enthusiastic guide. I have stayed in India for three years, and I had never eaten better butter chicken… and I now know the whole story!

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