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My Experience at Golden Temple, Amritsar – Part Two

Golden-Temple-Amritsar“This blog is a continuation of noted travel author Inder Raj Ahluwalia’s travel memoirs of Amritsar – My Experience at Golden Temple, Amritsar

I want to partake of the ‘langar’ (community meal) served at all big Sikh temples. I walk to the nearby giant langar hall (community kitchen) and find hundreds of devotees seated on the floor, partaking of the meal served lovingly. I join them. As always, the food’s delicious.

Housed within the temple complex are several other notable institutions. The Teja Singh Samudri Hall serves as a platform for significant meets.  The museum and library contain a collection of priceless Sikh relics and manuscripts.

Far too soon for my liking, it is time to leave. I do! Carrying the Gurus’ blessings for which I hunger.

People visit Amritsar not quite knowing what to expect.  The city charms visitors with its simplicity, and the pristine beauty of the Golden Temple.

Jalianwala-Bagh-AmritsarA short walk from the Golden Temple brings you to Jalianwala Bagh, a poignant, grim reminder of one of the bloodiest chapters of India’s freedom movement, commemorating the martyrs of the carnage by General Dyer’s British troops in 1919.

There are bustling bazaars around the temple, stocked brimful with an assortment of items that range from crisps, savouries and spices, to durries and fabrics.

Prepare to gourmet.  The dhaba (roadside café) culture still predominates. The ‘lassi’(yoghurt shake) is considered the world’s best. True gourmet fare cooked in ‘asli ghee’ (clarified butter) tempts visitors.  Delicious as ever is the rabri (boiled milk), and the world – famous Amritsari Fish is an all time favourite.

Wagah-Border-IndiaWhile in Amritsar, journey a little farther to the Wagah Checkpoint on the Indo-Pakistan border, where you can see the two countries’ flag hoisting and lowering ceremonies.

Amritsar presents a chance for one to go on a pilgrimage and a cultural and gourmet trip all at the same time, leaving one asking why he hadn’t done it before.

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