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Haridwar – The Holy City

Chai in HaridwarHaridwar – the door to God

Haridwar is an important and sacred pilgrimage city for Hindus. In literal translation, Hari means God and Dwar means door so Haridwar means a door to God. My journey to Haridwar starts with the Dehradhun Shatabadi train at 0650, so my colleagues and I departed for Haridwar as per our scheduled time. It was a very comfortable journey in the train and we reached well on time at Haridwar railway station. After reaching Haridwar I was surprised to see that so many people had gathered in the city. It intensified my curiosity and I wanted to find out their reason of being in this city. I wanted to know what makes the city so special for Hindus that people from all around the county were there just to take a dip in the Ganges.

The magical evening Aarti on the Ganges BanksThe evening Aarti

Every where one could see different shops that are selling different articles like bracelets, god’s idols, utensils made of copper, necklaces, etc. but most of them had religious signs on them. All the small shops and restaurants were jam packed with local food. In the evening we decided to see the Aarti on the Harki Pauri Ghat, which has its own importance as per the Hindu mythology for taking a dip on the Ganges. The place was fully crowded and people were moving very slowly. Then the moment came when I touched the river Ganges by my hand first and I felt a strong energy being created in my body. I was enthusiastic by the very first touch and understood what makes people to come here again and again. I would strongly suggest this place to my foreign guests who wants to understand more about the culture and religion of the Hindu.

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