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The Identity of Shanti Travel

Shanti Travel Identity
Shanti Travel Identity

The seed of Shanti Travel was sowed the day Frenchman Alex Le Beuan fell in love with India. Shanti Travel was birthed in 2005 by Alex and Caroline, with a fervent passion to offer travellers the freedom to design their own travel experience. They were joined by French entrepreneur Jeremy Grasset in 2007 and since then Shanti Travel is scaling newer heights every year. Whether for individuals or groups, the travel experts at Shanti Travel strive to deeply understand the travellers’ needs, passions and desires to craft the perfect holiday. We design holidays that exude a destination’s true essence by unearthing its legacy, culture and heritage. We enable a traveller to understand the cultural nuances of a place and its people. Shanti Travel consistently upholds its promises of local expertise, authentic experiences & safe customized travel.

The Identity of Shanti Travel

With over 9 years of experience under its belt, Shanti Travel can now define its identity. These are the key highlights that we believe define Shanti Travel and shape its current and future growth.

Local Travel Agency Based in Asia

Shanti Travel is a travel agency based locally in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Indonesia. Through continuous on-ground recces and research in its destinations, Shanti Travel has garnered extensive and deep local expertise.

Tailor Made Travel Specialist

Shanti Travel specialises in tailor made trips to India, Sri Lanka & Maldives, Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Bhutan and Indonesia.

30% cheaper than traditional tour operators

Owing to no intermediaries and local presence, Shanti Travel is able to pass on its cost advantages to its customers. Compared to traditional European tour operators, Shanti Travel is 20-30% cheaper.

Experience & Safety

With over 9 years of local expertise in Asia, Shanti Travel has garnered immense experience in tailor made travel. Armed with over 80 travel experts in its teams across Asia, Shanti Travel has taken over 25,000 guests around South Asia.

24/7 Assistance from Dedicated Travel Expert

Shanti Travel provides 24/7 assistance right from your first inquiry to the last day of your trip. Whether it’s planning your itinerary, receiving you at the airport, speaking to your driver, giving directions or suggesting great places to eat – your dedicated travel expert will tirelessly assist you all the way through.

International Team

Shanti Travel has a team of travel experts who have travelled extensively themselves and represent different countries across the globe: French, Indian, Nepali, Indonesian, Canadian, Sinhalese, Italian, American, Dutch, and German.

96% of travelers satisfied

According to our internal surveys, over 96% of our customers who have travelled with us are satisfied with their holidays and the services offered by Shanti Travel.

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