Shanti Travel > Jazz Night, April 20, 2013 – Lodi Garden Restaurant

Jazz Night, April 20, 2013 – Lodi Garden Restaurant

Jazz Night - Shanti TravelShanti Travel is organising a Jazz Night, featuring one of the finest Jazz bands of Delhi – DRIFT. Drift is one of the leading jazz/blues bands in the city with over two hundred performances to its credit. The band’s first single ‘Ordinary World’ was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 10 Downloads list. Drift has also been featured by radio channel Hit 95 FM and has enjoyed regular airtime on the station.

An Unmissable Event

Sponsor - Audi This musical extravaganza is being sponsored by one of the world’s leading automakers “AUDI” and Santa  Feone of the finest relocation companies by the name of “Santa Fe Relocation”. During the event, all attendees can enjoy a scrumptious three-course meal along with a glass of Indian wine, for just Rs 1,200 (all inclusive).This not-to-be-missed night of euphony will be held on Saturday, April 20, 7.30 pm onwards. So, get up late on a lazy Saturday morning, spend time with your kids, go for some shopping, and then finally unwind on beautiful premises of the Lodi Garden Restaurant for some divine music.

RSVP – Neeraj Kumar, Relationship Manager at Shanti Travel

Mobile: 9717874631

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