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Himank Road Signs in Ladakh

Project-HimankThe road signs in Ladakh are not the usual signs that you may have seen in any other parts of the world. These unusual and quirky signs found only in Ladakh are an amusing initiative taken by the Border Road Organisation (BRO) for Project HIMANK that look after the construction, repair and maintenance of some of the highest motorable roads in India.Started in the year 1985, Project HIMANK not only ensures safe access to military areas like the World’s highest battle ground, the Siachen Glacier, but also put up some mind boggling road signs with an amazing sense of humour. Give it a look!

1. For those speed junkies out there.

Road Signs in Ladakh

2. Safety! Indians can do anything for tea.

Road Signs in ladakh

3. Wow… They really don’t sugarcoat it, do they?

Road Signs of Ladakh

4. Way to turn up the romance in Ladakh?! 

humourous road signs in ladakh

5. HIMANK really knows its innuendos, doesn’t it?!

This is the first article from our series on Himank Road Signs in Ladakh. We will post the next one in May/June when the roads open up again for visitors. But do you really want to wait for us to share the images that you can go see for yourself? Check out our programs for Ladakh not only to discover the road signs in Ladakh but also to experience the great Indian Himalayan Odyssey.

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