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A sojourn in Shekhawati

Frescoed Havelis of ShekhawatiAmazing Rajasthan

It was an enriching experience to visit the Shekhawati region – a heritage town infused with forts, havelies, painted walls, frescos, horses, and camels. The people in Rajasthan are well known for their chivalry and hospitality, and Shekhawati is no different.

The Best Experiences

I got the chance to visit Mandawa, Nawalgarh, Fatehpur, Mehansar and Alsisar. The castles or mahals of Mandawa and Alsisar are overwhelming, especially in the village areas that are very thinly populated. My favourite experiences were visiting the havelies and small boutique hotels of Nawalgarh, horse riding in Roop Niwas, Haveli of Nadin le Prine in Fatehpur and an old rugged fort of Menansar.

Decorated high school in ShekhawatiHistory of Shekhawati

I also got the opportunity to learn about the history of this famed area. As the name suggests, the Shekhawati region was under the rule of Rao Shekha- who was born by the blessings of a Muslim sheikh in a Rajput family and was a brave man. The diverse small towns of this area are called punch pana (in the local language), which translates to five parts.The havelies of the area originally belonged to the Marwari families residing here on the silk route in old times, whose descendents are now big guns in the Indian and world business arena. Few examples are Ruias (Essar group), Morarkas, Singhanias, Birlas, Bajajs, Mittals amd Poddars. The villages- Mandawa and Alsisar are quiet and clean, presenting a sharp contrast to the metro life. A really great and recommended escape from Delhi!!

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