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Geoffrey Bawa – The Inspired Sri Lankan Architect

jardin villa
Jardin villa by Geoffrey Bawa

The renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa is acknowledged as one of the most influential Asian architects of the XXth century. Born in 1919,  he rapidly became the most influential artist in Sri Lanka. One of the key features of his style is the ability to mingle nature and architecture thus making his artwork perfectly integrate in a natural setting. This concept is also known as “tropical modernism”.

Geoffrey Bawa’s Work

bentota beach hotel
Bentota Beach Hotel

He built lots of Villas and hotels which are to this day a great legacy in Lankan hospitality.  He also designed schools, colleges, factories and offices. His talent has also been used to design the new Sri Lankan Parliament as well as other government landmarks. Geoffrey Bawa passed away in 2003, his influence on architecture is very much felt to this day in Sri Lanka. In 2001, Geoffrey Bawa was awarded the Aga Khan Award for Architecture thus acknowledging him as a prolific and influential architect.

Bawa Legacy

bentota beach hotel by bawa
Bentota Beach Hotel by Bawa

Bawa was very much a pioneer of the concept of sustainable architecture.  His work reconciled interior and landscape design, his masterpieces usually include patios, gardens and soothing outdoor spaces. Built in 1969 on the southwestern Sri Lankan coast, the Bentota Beach Hotel is one of his most renowned masterpieces. The Lunuganga not far from Bentota is also very interesting.

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