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Preparing for a honeymoon in Bali

Honeymoon resort in Bali
Honeymoon resort in Bali

The happiest day of your life approaches and excitement is at its peak. The reception, family, friends, the church, temple, mosque, catering, etc.! Your spouse has never been as beautiful and life cannot be more exciting. Yet you already feel exhausted at the thought of having to deal with this tornado that will transport you to the union of marriage. You have already started dreaming of your honeymoon. This trip to the other side of the world will officially consummate your love and kick start the journey of your marital life.

Choosing the best destination for your honeymoon

Where should you go for your honeymoon? You can play the world map game. Spin the globe and point at random with a hesitant finger. But between us, you already know what you want. An island or maybe two? You are dreaming of swaying coconut trees, white sand beaches, blue skies and lush green nature. However what you want most is to not worry about anything, enjoy the sea or mountains, indulge in massages and body treatments, and relax in a swimming pool with a view of the infinite.

While many names come to mind: the Seychelles, the Balearic Islands, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Kerala, etc., Bali seems so far, so abstract. Is it an island? A country? State? City? Is it in the Indian Ocean or the Pacific? For those who are still in doubt, Bali is an island in the Indonesian archipelago nestled between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

Travel to Bali, a dream destination for your honeymoon

Wildlife parks in Bali
Wildlife parks in Bali

Over the years, Bali has become one of the most popular destinations for honeymoons. The welcome given by the Balinese is certainly something special. Most hotels and villas offer special services for honeymooners. Bath tubs filled with rose petals, exotic fruit baskets, spa and massages for two in privacy and much more. If Madame loves the sea, it will be served. If his dream is to enjoy a fresh coconut on a white sand beach in front of turquoise waters, then you can take a boat and you’ll be on the Gili islands. If Mr. prefers the mountains, you can go to the top of Mount Batur, Mount Agung or Batukaru. There’s something for everyone: sea, paddy fields, volcanoes, rivers, sports and relaxation. And one thing is true: in Bali, the food is delicious. On offer are fresh and varied dishes, a profusion of exotic fruits, fresh fish barbecues and many other delicacies. A cocktail of all great elements best suited for a wedding trip. That is why Bali charms newlyweds.

Why book with a local agency for your honeymoon in Bali?

A honeymoon is usually the trip of a lifetime. It must be a customized trip that meets the desires of the newlyweds. But between the wedding preparations and the new life together, the bride and groom do not always have time to prepare their stay from A to Z. While a travel agency in your native country may offer packages, a local travel agency in Bali would be able to offer a more authentic and cheaper holiday. The travel consultants working with a local agency will be experts in Bali and Indonesia and they will be tuned to create a honeymoon that best suits you.

What activities should you choose for your honeymoon in Bali?

Sunset by a beach in Bali
Sunset by a beach in Bali

In Bali, honeymooners can indulge in adventure sports, cultural activities and relaxation experiences. Adventurers can revel in rafting, diving, bike rides in the middle of rice fields or walking in the jungle in search of waterfalls or at the top of the volcanoes of Bali. Culture lovers will be charmed by the Balinese ceremonies, traditional temple merus, artists and mysticism of Ubud. Lovers can relax in the most beautiful spas and celebrate their union in an atmosphere of well-being and freedom. In Bali, you can also visit wildlife sanctuaries to spot monkeys and birds, and spend quality time with elephants or go dolphin watching on a cruise. Who knows, you two may end up on a secluded beach to watch a beautiful sunset.

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