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Doors of Pondicherry Exhibition

‘Doors of Pondicherry’, by Shanti Travel

Shanti Travel PondicDoors of Pondicherryherry welcomed many people for the opening of the exhibition “Doors of Pondicherry” by Vijay Aroquiaradjou. This exhibition intended to show the cross cultural history of Pondicherry via the architecture of the Tamil and French doors, and highlight their characteristics. The locals got to see the doors they pass by daily in a new light, while the tourists appreciated the charm of Pondicherry while looking at the pictures. The opening was attended by the former chief minister, N. Rangasamy, and by the director of tourism in Pondicherry, P. Mathew Samuel, as well as by the artist, his family and many other people.

An interview with Vijay Aroquiaradjou

Q: What do you do in life? 

A: I am working as an illustrator designer in Pondicherry.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I like painting using water colors, and obviously photography is my main hobby. I also enjoy doing my job.

Q: What do you like most about photography?

A: It is a creative vision of the photographer; it expresses one’s perceptions and emotions and allows us to share them with others. I like most of North Indian photography.

Q: How did you start photography?

A: The white town is a show case of Pondicherry; one can see its big colonial mansions, its beautiful boulevards and placid promenades. The tourists love taking pictures of such a beautifulPondicherry.  I also admire and am inspired by the beauty of the French quarter, and thus started taking photos too.

Q: Why this exhibition, Doors of Pondicherry?

A: Pondicherry doors are a symbol of culture and tradition, it is an identification of the inhabitants, and I wanted to expose these heritage doors to the tourists and the citizens themselves.

Q: How did you organize your work for that exhibition?

A: My theme is related to Heritage and Tourism so I organized this show with the guidance and support of INTACH and Pondicherry tourism department.

Q: Which is your favorite door and why?

A: My favorite door is Maison Anandaranga Pillai, located in the same street. This house is a beautiful blend of both French and Indian styles. Its door is engraved with elegant designs of Tamil Culture. It is the best preserved 18th century Tamil building in Pondicherry.

Q: Do you want to become a professional photographer?

A: Yes I do !

Q: Tell me name of a photographer you admire.

A: Bradley Ormesher.

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