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What is “Slow Travel”?

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The Slow Movement is a trend that appeared in the 1980s in reaction to the rise of a way of life where everything must happen quickly. The idea behind slow travel is to slow down the pace in order to not be a victim of stress: its first manifestation was slow food, as opposed to fast food (“junk food”), accompanied by an effort to return to home-cooking based on products from local producers.

Slow travel, is also part of this “slow” movement and refers to an alternative way of travelling that emphasises taking time when travelling: taking the time to discover and savour the present moment and the places visited. In short, it is a question of prioritising quality over quantity and to provide a welcome break in our daily life and rhythm.

How to incorporate “Slow Travel” into your trip?

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Slow Travel is a journey away from mass tourism, which is often associated with visiting as many places as possible at the expense of taking the time to just enjoy one or two places that we like.

It is therefore a matter of taking your time in all aspects of the trip: during the planning phase of your trip, aim to stay for several days in a single place, which will give you time to immerse yourself in your surroundings well as the chance to embark on an in-depth discovery of the local culture around you. Try, for example, homestay accommodation, which will certainly bring a touch of authenticity to your stay and give you a chance to have beautiful encounters with locals.

Once at your destination, choose modes of transportation that allow you to observe and immerse yourself in the landscape you are journeying through: walk where possible, or choose public transportation, trains or carpools as another alternative to immerse yourself in the culture and to make encounters that will enrich your trip. Planning to spend a few days in a city? Don’t hesitate to get lost in the streets, to talk to the locals and learn their way of life: you will not regret it, that’s for sure.

Slow Travel, a way to travel responsibly

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Since Slow Travel favours slowness and local immersions, it is part of the responsible tourism approach. In fact, walking to get around or using public transport significantly reduces the ecological impact of your trip. In addition, Slow Travel makes it easy to visit local markets, have lunch in a small neighbourhood restaurant or buy hand-made souvenirs, thus promoting travellers’ participation in the local economy of the places they stay.

To sum up, Slow Travel is the embodiment of slowness: take the time to travel, to discover, to meet people and to savour the moment – your travels will be more memorable!

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