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Time to Plan your Christmas Holidays?

A little early to talk about Christmas holidays? Think again, it’s now or never! This year do not get caught up in the vicious circle of buying and receiving gifts. Here are 4 good reasons to organize your Christmas holidays right now.

The economic reason: save on Christmas holidays

First of all, for economic reasons: India and Indonesia have low exchange rates. Certainly they are cheap countries to travel in but right now they offer a particularly profitable and judicious investment. So save some holiday costs and organize your trip now. Not to mention the prices of airline tickets are very likely to skyrocket in a few months.

The main reason : book your place in the schedules of those you love

plan christmas holidays
Plan your Christmas Holidays

The essential or as I would like to mention the “heart” of all reasons is that many people tend to get overbooked between the 24th of December and the 1st of January. So make sure now that the people you are close to will be able to travel with you.

Are you a couple? Fly for a romantic trip to Bali and Burma! Are you grandparents or parents with teens? Before they scatter right and left with their friends, offer them a “golden” holiday in the sun. Combine culture and adventure to create the perfect holiday cocktail: safari, fishing and cultural tours to Sri Lanka, or sea bathing, trekking, diving and Hindu temples in Bali. Discover the palaces of Rajasthan on horseback, camels or elephants. Your kids will be back before December 31 all beautiful and tanned to party with their friends on New Year’s Eve. Are you young and feel the work pressure weighing on your shoulders? Take your good friends to swap some champagne for a week of wellness in Kerala. You will enjoy the indulgence of Ayurvedic medicine in South Indian massages and oil baths, and you will get to relax by the sea and enjoy long walks along the beach with those who are dear to you.

The practical reason: travel light and enjoy serenity

Design customized and ideal Christmas holidays with an agency that will do all the worrying for you, such as finding a good hotel with enough rooms for three children, grandparents and cousins​​, a pool or spa, wheelchair access and so on. The experts know exactly which hotel destinations to choose according to individual needs. So if you want everything to run smoothly, I strongly suggest using the services of an expert local agency.

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