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Why should you visit the Amber Fort in Jaipur?

Amber Fort in Jaipur
Amber Fort in Jaipur

Amber Fort is located 11km from Jaipur in Rajasthan. This fort was commissioned to be built by Raja Man Singh. The fort is well known for its artistic style and the extremely formidable and majestic location and aura. The Rajput Maharajas used to live with their families in this palace. The fort was built in red sandstone and marble and the views of the lake Maothe give the fort a certain charm. At the entrance of the palace, near the Ganesh Gate of the fort, there is also a temple dedicated to Sila Devi.

Elephant rides in Amber Fort
Elephant rides in Amber Fort

The elephant ride is one of the more popular activities at the fort. The walk starts early in the morning before the sun rises. Atop colorfully adorned pachyderms, tourists can traverse the 15-20 mins. winding uphill road that leads to the fort.

In addition, there is a ‘Diwan -e- khaas’ or public hall, which is a beautiful lobby that is open on three sides. It is said that in this hall, kings spent time with their queens and sometimes their mistresses.

We also discovered the Sheesh Mahal, which in my opinion is the most beautiful and famous part of the fort. The walls and ceiling of this hall are decorated with beautiful paintings and glass flowers. The Sheesh Mahal is in glass because formerly the Queen was not allowed to sleep in the open air, but she liked to see the stars shine. So the king asked his architects to do something that could solve this problem. The most amazing thing about this hall is that if someone burns two candles, the mirrors reflect this light into a thousand stars.

Amber Fort is undeniably one of the most beautiful attractions of Jaipur as its beauty and history are really worth to be known.

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