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A trip to Bundi, a town in Rajasthan

Bundi in Rajasthan
The Town of Bundi in Rajasthan

It was 5 o’clock in the morning. I hurried to the New Delhi railway station to board the train to Kota. From there, it only took one hour to reach a special and incredible destination called Bundi. This ancient Rajput town is situated in eastern Rajasthan, and it was not very popular when I visited it. However, this town has now become a hot destination for tourists, both domestic as well as international. Even though it is a small place, it has ample attractive sights and highlights.

An Introduction to Bundi

Jait Sagar Lake in Bundi
Jait Sagar Lake in Bundi

Bundi is surrounded by the spectacular Aravalli hills, and it was named after a ‘Meena chieftain’ Bunda. Bundi is very famous for its beautiful murals, paintings, palaces and aesthetic step wells. The Taragarh Fort in Bundi is one of the biggest forts that were built in the 16th century. Perched on the top of a hill, it is a mammoth fort, and a must visit at sunset. It gives a great 360 degree view of the town, but having said that please beware of monkeys! Other famous attractions are Shikar Burj and Jait Sagar lake. Shikar Burj is basically an old hunting cottage where kings used to stay when they went hunting. It is close to a small lake called Jait Sagar. In the monsoon season, this lake spurts bountiful lotus flowers, which makes the lake a delight to see. You can see 32 step-wells here that were used for water supply, commissioned to be built by the mother Queen of Bundi in 1699 and provided for public welfare. The most popular one is called “Rani Ji Ki Baori”. It is a fantastic example of an authentic step well. One can enjoy the tranquility and view the statues mounted in the walls. For me, one of the best sites in the town was the Bundi Palace, which is known as an innovative school of painting “The Bundi School”. The profound paintings in the Chitrashala (Picture Gallery) in the Bundi fort are beyond excellence. Another attraction of the city is Chaurasi – Khambhon – ki Chatri and many others.

The Bundi Festival

The Bundi festival is the most famous festival of the town, held in the months of November and December. During this festival, many tourists flock to Bundi to marvel at and participate in this amazing festival, which includes music, dance, sports, firework competitions and paintings.

Getting to Bundi

Waterfall Bundi
A Cool Waterfall in Bundi

Bundi is well connected by road to prominent cities of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota, etc. By train, the nearest railway station is Kota, which is just 35 Km away. Bundi is 200 Km from Jaipur. I had never imagined the beautiful surroundings of a small city like Bundi, which is full of natural beauty. Simply put, it was a memorable and wonderful trip. I would love to visit the place again.

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