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Family trip to Asia (India, Sri Lanka & Indonesia)

elephantsWhen you think of family vacations, do not believe that it is enough to let the kids sunbathe on the beach all week. The reality is… it is slightly more complicated! Indeed, organizing family trips is often a feat! The success of a holiday will largely depend on the choice of destination. Few countries on earth could receive a prize for hosting families. Here’s my choice of the top three countries to visit in Asia for a family trip. So why not plan your Christmas holidays now?

1) Family Travel in India

monkeys in indiaI guess you just became wide-eyed and kept repeating “India” in a daze as if I have said something nefarious. But I can confirm that India is, in my opinion, an ideal destination for family trips.

Why go for a family holiday in North India?

– Because India is a country for children: one meets animals all over the country roads, villages, and even in shopping centers of major cities! What could be more fun for young children? Imagine chasing chickens, cows, monkeys, buffaloes, horses…

– Because India is a country with many lessons about life. I ‘m not talking about poverty, which children will be able to stomach more easily than us. But be prepared for the 70 questions a day that will come when their curiosity awakens, from “Why is that man wearing a turban?” to “Why does that lady have flowers in her hair?”!

– Because children and parents enjoy their trips in this exotic country. Rajasthan is one such region that seems to appear right out of the world of fairy tales and legendary epics that children are so fond of in their young age. The magical setting of North India will assuage their sense of wonderment and quench the parent’s thirst for cultural discovery at the same time.

– If you want to travel with your spouse and children to India for your Christmas holidays – you should head to the beach destination of Goa! Goa is inhabited mostly by Christians, and Christmas is celebrated through the state with fervour. If you are missing the festive spirit of home, head to Goa!

2 ) Family Travel to Sri Lanka

Sri LankaThe small charming island of Sri Lanka has everything to delight a family, from the youngest to the oldest. My wife and I love this country because it is one of the few places where we can spend family vacations that are relaxing. Christmas in Sri Lanka is such a delight to witness, and is probably one of the best times to visit the idyllic Emerald Isle.

Why go for a family holiday in Sri Lanka?

– Because the Sri Lankan population exhibit incomparable kindness, are delightfully inquisitive and always happy to receive you. You can spend delicious moments with your family and the friendly locals over a “cup of tea” in the villages close to the tea plantations. A pleasure that is shared by all!

– Because the Sri Lankan cuisine is varied and particularly good. Generally the kids love it… as long as it is not spicy (you must state your preference for spices or lack of spices in the restaurants!).

– Last but not least, because Sri Lanka is an island to explore with your family. The richness of its fauna and flora on a jungle safari, a walk through the tea plantations, an excursion in nature parks, diving in the sea or hiking a mountain … these are just some of the adventures you can share with your family. Ask a child who has been to Sri Lanka what he/she preferred and you will undoubtedly be told about the elephants, leopards, birds and other wildlife!

3) Family Travel in Indonesia

safari in indonesiaFor us, Bali holds some of our best family holiday memories. We combined a discovery tour with a stay in a villa.

Why go for a family holiday in Indonesia?

– Because the organization of the trip was a rare simplicity, everything went as it was planned by Shanti Travel but with added benefits that made our trip wonderful: a nanny accompanied us throughout the trip, helped my wife cook for dinner and took care of our son when the two of us wanted to head somewhere by ourselves.

– Because it is possible to do lots of different activities: scuba diving, horseback riding, rafting, canoeing, swimming in waterfalls, hiking etc.

– Because the climate, volcanic landscapes, beaches, jungles, rice paddies: everything inspires a holiday atmosphere encouraging the whole family to connect and enjoy.

Finally, for those who might be tempted by a family trip to Asia, I can only advise you to go through a local travel agency. Firstly, it will make life easier for you in terms of organizing and booking, and secondly you can avail reliable services such as a chauffeur driven car fitted with a baby seat or a nanny. The agency will also organize fun activities for the whole family and punctuate the journey with many surprises for your children.

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