The Kingdom of Dreams Palace

The Kingdom of Dreams is a small Disneyland in India! Located in Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi, it is a must for all tourists, young and old! Nobody can resist the magic of this incredible Palace and its Broadway style musicals!

The Kingdom of Dreams Palace

The Kingdom of Dreams is an extravagantly built venue, halfway between a Palace and the ostentatious hotels in Las Vegas. A part of the Palace houses a gigantic food court called the ‘Culture Gully’, where one can enjoy the cuisines of most of the states in India: Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Punjab, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. Each region’s food outlet is decorated according to its traditions. So you can see a giant houseboat symbolizing Kerala or a train booth representing Mumbai! You can buy a many memoirs from the Kingdom of Dreams or get inspired to start your own interior designing company! The prices may not be that attractive, but undoubtedly the objects are beautiful!

Zangoora - The MusicalZangoora, the Gypsy Prince

The magic continues in the musicals, which are true Bollywood style! Over the top and so extravagant, the musicals exude amazing energy, color, dance and music! Presently, two shows play round the year, including Zangoora, the first Bollywood musical! Zangoora is the story of a prince or rather a gypsy who discovers and accepts his royal destiny. The good, the bad and love – all the requisites of a fairy tale are met! A resplendent beauty pageant, unique designs, glittering costumes, and unparalleled choreography to send a shiver down our backs, the show Zangoora is worth more than just a visit!

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