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Shanti Travel Awarded as Best Local Travel Agency North India

North India Travel Award

Dear Travelers,

We are very proud to present you our 2nd official award received by Shanti Travel on our 10th anniversary. We thank you all warmly for contributing to this great collective achievement.

We have been elected Best Travel Agency in North India 2015 by the prestigious  India Travel Awards committee, supported officially by the Indian Ministry of Tourism and which recognizes each year those from the industry who contributed the most to the regional tourism growth.

Why North India?

This committee is proceeding region by region, so we received South India earlier this year. Indeed, with our office based in Delhi for past 10 years and nearly 2/3rd of our guests in India traveling in this great region, we have reached a solid reputation and expertise.

Why a different award than for South India?

In South India, we received the award of the Best Boutique Tour Operator in South India, recognizing the uniqueness of our approach towards tourism. This time, it’s an even greater honor that is given to us: it shows the strength and credibility we have acquired among the industry for the excellence of our operations in North India, confronted to an even bigger amount of competitors.

We can be very proud for this recognition from such a prestigious committee especially on those criteria and we encourage you to share your own pride on this achievement, as it would not have happened without your commitment to our values.

Many thanks again for your contribution!

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