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12 must use Hashtags for Travellers On the Road

Using Just #Travel after your tweet is just a tweet! Don’t you think you need some more hash tags to wander  with loads of information about the place you going to explore?

To all twitteraties out here your smartphone will virtually become a travelpedia if you use the following hash tags while you are on road wandering mystical destinations piled on your bucketlist.


To start with this one is for people like you & I who bank on Social Media for all travel info and brag themselves as Social Media Enthusiast. Yes I brag it do you? As the name says SM stands for Social Media and the conversation caters from sharing previous travel experience to providing information about great travel deals across the globe.


Very common in Travel circuit yet very active. Travellers can gather quick tips about their destinations and also about the places to visit. Usually the information retrieved from #travel is bit broad but never the less it is worthy enough to get potential instructions for new & frequent travellers.


I am pretty sure that following this hash tag will not allow hunger to strike your tummy. It is an online + live foodie community founded by @steveGOgreen on one fateful day and since that day with foodiechat discovery of new recipes and food info from the hot spots have become so handy. Be a part of #foodiechats every Monday 8 PM ET featuring different sponsors & theme.


Girls can’t travel alone! It’s just a myth folks… Hosted by @travelgogirl #GirlsTravel is a first ever travel themed twitter chat exclusively for women. It happens every Monday at 6 PM GMT with travel questions focused on vivid topics every week pertaining to destination, to do list, tips. For girls travelling is so easy with #GirlsTravel.


This is one of my favourites, founded by @TravelDudes with many co-hosts it is Travel Talk on Twitter. It is actually a hash tag to initiate a travel chat on twitter on Tuesday at 9.30 Am & 9.30 PM GMT. Use this to ask questions and also answer the queries a fellow traveller ask for. Feel free to use this hash tag during the week for your travel tweets.


Love to cruise the blue waters? @SimonTravels& @CruiseLineFans has made your life easy, they host it every Tuesday at 2 PM ET. You better use #CruiseChatto get exciting insights of world of cruise travel. Exploit this hash tag to search for exotic cruise destinations, packages & details from the experts.


Launched by @TravelSquire tweet with #TRAVEX to promote thoughtful discussions and share travel ideas with fellow travellers.  It happens every Wednesday between 5 to 5.30 PM EST.


#TNI short form for Traveller’s Night In gives you a clear insight & experience of wanderers who have visited a specific country so catch up with this hash tag if you are planning to visit any of the country or destination popping up on the tweet with this hash tag. What is so cool about this hash tag is that it is mostly frequented by well-known travel sites & blogs.


Looking for ideas, inspiration & tips for your next hiking expedition? You just need to use #Hikerchat to explore the unexplored hiking destinations across the globe. Participate in the chat co-hosted by BackCountryTees & TETONSports to jump-start a hiking plan ASAP.


Hosted by renowned travel experts Chris McGinnis (@cjmcginnis) and Johnny Jet (@JohnnyJet) it is a Friday travel chat. Be prepared to learn something new about travel with #TravelSkills in every chat. It’s not a one way traffic at all, have all the pleasure to share your tips, advices, observations & opinions and you might get lucky enough to win a gift. Don’t forget I said lucky!


As the name suggests it covers 360 degree of Travel. Hosted by @TheCultureur on 1st Wednesday of the month sharp at 3 PM EST it acquaints you with Travel, food, culture & photography of a new destination.


Want to travel different parts of the world or may be on the road you just need to tweet wit this hash tag. Doing this will allow you to confront with different exotic locations around the world. Look for travel experiences of other travellers who might have visited a place where you want to be next and plan it according to the mantras chanted by them.

Honestly the social media & especially Twitter has made the act of travelling so easy and convenient that you don’t need to carry a 500 page travel guide with you any more. You are assisted by millions in real time &gain instant answers to all the information you seek to keep your travelling fun filled, adventurous and safe. I am confident that the above hash tags will ease your travel research and for any other travel information @ShantiTravel is just a tweet away.

Have a Safe Trip!

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