Shanti Travel Awarded as Best Local Travel Agency North India

Published on 21/12/2015 by Alex Le Beuan

North India Travel Award

Dear Travelers,

We are very proud to present you our 2nd official award received by Shanti Travel on our 10th anniversary. We thank you all warmly for contributing to this great collective achievement.

We have been elected Best Travel Agency in North India 2015 by the prestigious  India Travel Awards committee, supported officially by the Indian Ministry of Tourism and which recognizes each year those from the industry who contributed the most to the regional tourism growth. Continue reading

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Unusual Transport for Your Trip to Asia

Published on 16/10/2015 by Sophie ShantiTravel

Houseboat in Kerala

Shanti Travel, the tailor made travel specialist for Asia has been offering original routes from past 10 years to suit your holiday need and desires. From finding the best hotels in Sri Lanka to guiding you for a scrumptious dinner in Delhi or Bali, we strive to share our passion with you. Beyond our wonderful trips on a private car with a driver or the vivid activities that we offer to you (trekking, diving, photo etc…) here is a quick overview of the unusual mode of transport that you can hire during your next trip to Asia. Continue reading

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Indian Visa on Arrival – Travel to India Now Easy

Published on 01/12/2014 by Mahima Shantitravel

Taj Mahal in AgraWith the Indian Ministry of Tourism having recently announced its latest guidelines including the provision of Indian Visa-on-Arrival  or e-Tourist Visa (eTV) for tourists from 113 countries, visiting India is easier now than ever before! Continue reading

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Tips for a Smooth Trip to India

Published on 17/07/2014 by Mahima Shantitravel
taj mahal india

Taj Mahal

The first few days after you make your plans of travelling to India known to family and friends would certainly be filled with innumerable words of caution and advice from one and all. India is a favourite destination with all kinds of travellers, as much for its rich heritage and scenic beauty as for the big and small adventures it offers in day to day life. However there is always a rider attached with one’s first trip to the subcontinent – security concerns, fear of being overwhelmed or (in the rare case) underwhelmed, fear of contracting a disease and so on. It is understandable from a foreign tourist’s point of view, since India can indeed overwhelm the senses at times. But there’s nothing that should stop one from taking that fateful first trip to India. For once you’ve experienced the country in all its glory, including its many imperfections and pitfalls, you will want to return again and again.

Tips for a smooth trip to India Continue reading

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Published on 21/11/2013 by Lucie ShantiTravel
Travelling in India

Travelling in India

Ask anyone who has ever been to India. They will unanimously say that it truly is a fascinating country. A melting pot of tradition and modernity, and simplicity and complexity, this destination marvels the mind as much as it makes your soul ‘feel’. Simply put, it is absolutely impossible to have an indifferent attitude towards India once you land on its soil. India is a country made up of smaller countries – each state of India has its own language, culture, cuisine, mindset and religion. If you want to maximize your experience in this befuddling country, it is highly recommended to go through a local travel agency that will help you avoid the troubles faced by an independent traveler. Continue reading

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