Best beaches in Asia to visit in 2016

Published on 29/12/2015 by Jeremy Shanti Travel


If you were looking for a best beaches in Asia for a sun kissed holidays than you have found the right blog. Asia have many tropical destinations and is home to some of world’s finest beaches. In here, we list down some of the best beaches in Asia to visit in 2016. Continue reading

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The activities offered in Sri Lankan beaches

Published on 15/09/2015 by Françoise ShantiTravel

beaches in sri lanka

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Sri Lanka, you will be able to enjoy the beach on the East coast.  Travelers have been going on this side of the island for a few years only and the oriental coast remains pristine. Continue reading

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Swimming with turtles in Sri Lanka

Published on 12/08/2015 by Jeremy Guillo Shanti Travel

swimming with turtles sri lanka

For me swimming with turtles in Sri Lanka was an amazing experience!  Is it also the one that you dream? Then, let me tell you my secret: Hikkaduwa beach, on the west coast of Sri Lanka! It is difficult for me to express how exhilarating it was to be underwater with these impressive ladies! Continue reading

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Traveling with a driver in Sri Lanka

Published on 20/07/2015 by Noemi ShantiTravel

You are planning to travel to Sri Lanka for your next holiday and you are wondering whether you should travel with a driver or not. Travelling with a driver ensures that you will be safer on the roads since the drivers are experienced. It is also a beautiful human experience that can enlighten your holiday. Continue reading

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Sri Lankan Festival: The Esala Perahera 2015

Published on 18/05/2015 by Noemi ShantiTravel

esala perahera pocession

The Esala Perahera is known to be the most important religious procession in Asia and will take place between the 20th and the 30th of August 2015. This celebration is held every year during the Esala full moon, in July or August. The sacred city of Kandy lives at the pace of this spectacular event through ten night Perahera (processions) that bring many pilgrims and tourist every year. Continue reading

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Top 5 beaches in Sri Lanka

Published on 08/05/2015 by Noemi ShantiTravel

sri lanka's top beaches

While planning your holiday in the pearl of the Indian Ocean, it is worth spending some time to discover the pristine beaches of this beautiful island.  In Sri Lanka, If you are travelling during the summer, the East coast will be the most appropriate to enjoy your beach stay. However, if you have planned your holidays to Sri Lanka during the winter, choose the West and the South coast. The tourism activity is more developed on the west and south coast, and the East coast became popular only in 2009 after being isolated for a long time. From the east coast to the West coast through the South coast, here is our top 5 beaches of Sri Lanka. Continue reading

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