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Dune Eco Group

Dune Eco Group

Considered innovative and creative in the world of hospitality, Dune Eco Group takes you back to nature and authenticity through its amazing hotels. Each property, whether on the beach, in a forest or in the heart of a historic site, will ensure a truly unique and special experience. All of the Dune properties have a common underlying theme: use of environment friendly resources and local materials. Strong attention is also paid to the cuisine and the freshest ingredients. Most of the food served at these unique properties is organic and grown by the group! Shanti Travel includes stays at these hotels in its itineraries designed for travel in Tamil Nadu.

Dune Hotels in Tamil Nadu


Less than 30 minutes north of Pondicherry, this stunning resort is located in a mixed and colorful atmosphere. Each of the 55 designer bungalows is built around a theme and has a unique architectural style and interior decoration. Nestled between a small fishing village and a long sandy beach, this eco resort is an invitation for relaxation and well-being. Enjoy the excellent spa treatments as well as valuable advice from their in house Ayurvedic doctor.


Thanjore Hi

Thanjore Hi

Thanjore Hi is one of the latest additions to the group of Dune, located in the heart of Thanjavur. Facing the palace of the city, the hotel housed in an old art deco building welcomes you amidst a barrage of energetic colors. A Pop Art hotel in the heart of the town exuding an aura of history and spirituality, Thanjore Hi offers 15 comfortable and elegant rooms blending contemporary and traditional Indian art.


Elephant Valley

Elephant Valley

In the heart of the valley from which the hotel takes its name, Elephant Valley Eco Farm is a huge property in the middle of forest and hills, about twenty kilometers from Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. The hotel has twenty bungalows scattered across both sides of a river, surrounded by coffee plantations, pepper gardens and organic products. All bungalows are made ​​of wood and stone and decorated in a unique style. They all have small private terraces and hints of gardens. In the evening after dinner, a large fire is lit and guests can bask in the warm glow. It is the ideal place for walking. You can stroll for kilometers and stumble upon dolmens or discover random surrounding hamlets. Activities such as riding a horse or fishing can also be experienced.

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