Covelong – Beach Paradise for Travel Enthusiasts

Published on 19/02/2016 by Susweta Bose


Do you know about a beach paradise called Covelong near Chennai?

On your way to Mahabalipuram, and nearly 40 kilometres away from Chennai, you will find the small yet busy town of Covelong. Once a bustling port town which flourished under Saadat Ali Nawab, it was later occupied by French General Labourdonnais in the year 1746. But a few years later the town faced decay and destruction when Robert Clive occupied it in 1752. But it has awakened up from its ruins, and today this place is well-known for its fishing activities. Continue reading

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Top 6 Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu that Every Traveller Talks about

Published on 17/02/2016 by Vinod Shantitravel

places to visit in tamil nadu

There are certain words or phrases that you associate with certain states like royalty with Rajasthan, culture with West Bengal, fun with Goa, cosmopolitan cauldron with Delhi and smart with Mumbai. But when it comes to Tamil Nadu, the first two words that come to the mind are legacy and tradition. Known as the seat of Dravidian culture and tradition, Tamil Nadu has enthralled travellers with its myriad combination of culture, natural resource and heritage. As you travel through this land and choose your top 6 places to visit in Tamil Nadu, you are bound to take a dip in the pages of history. Continue reading

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Amazingly off the beaten tracks in India for 2016

Published on 04/12/2015 by Rahul


We read and watch a horde of information about the off the beaten track in India. It lure the lovers of adventure with its natural beauty and the adrenaline routes that infuse the spontaneous energy to be there just after a single glimpse of the place. Beaten by the same travel bug, I wandered few places across India to understand the meaning of offbeat travel in its true form and luckily, I never came back disappointed. So now, I would like to share some of my favorite off the beaten tracks in India which is still unexplored, untraveled and is the ultimate land of wilderness. Here are the top 10 destination that you can visit in 2016. Continue reading

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10 Good Reasons to stay in Goa

Published on 07/09/2015 by Alex Le Beuan


Goa is an Indian state most open to the world. A small tropical state located in the southwest of India, it extends for 100 km from its north to south coast along the Arabian Sea. The state is home to beautiful white sandy beaches lined with coconut palms, villages that house magnificent churches and Portuguese houses, rice fields that never seem to end, and further inland, also natural reserves with well-protected flora and fauna. Continue reading

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Tourist places near Chennai that are worth visiting

Published on 23/07/2015 by Mahima Shantitravel

tourist places near chennai

There are several tourist places near Chennai that are absolutely worth visiting for their stunning beauty and cultural richness. Chennai, or erstwhile Madras, is the capital of Tamil Nadu and its biggest metropolitan city. A tropical paradise, Chennai can get sweltering hot in the summers but remains pleasant throughout February-March and September-December. Lonely Planet has named Chennai as one of the top ten places in the world to be visited in 2015, while BBC has called it one of the hottest cities to live in this year. There is no dearth of tourist places near Chennai, from hill stations and beach paradises to temple cities and lake towns. Check out our list of six places near Chennai that are worth a visit. Continue reading

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11 Amazing places you must visit to see the great temples of Tamil Nadu

Published on 16/07/2015 by Yohanna ShantiTravel

temples of tamil Nadu

The history of Tamil Nadu is punctuated by a succession of dynasties that came to rule the land over the centuries. Each passing dynasty left behind symbols of its power and conquests that have stood the test of time. And thus, a visit to Tamil Nadu is like taking a trip down history lane. The temples left behind by the mighty kings are an attestation to their former grandeur and immense religious devotion. A trip down south is incomplete without a visit to the beautiful temples of Tamil Nadu. Continue reading

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Vallam Kali – Kerala Snake Boat Races

Published on 27/05/2015 by Mahima Shantitravel

kerala Snake Boat Race

Get ready for the excitement of ‘Vallam Kali’ or the Kerala snake boat races this autumn. An annual affair held during the Onam harvest season, it involves at least four major and fifteen minor races. The event attracts crowds of several hundred thousand people, both locals and foreigners. Continue reading

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