Staying in family home and trekking at the Sekumpul Waterfalls in Bali

Published on 15/06/2017 by Alienor Shanti Travel

The wild and green North of Bali offers a vast array of interest points – still widely unexplored. Alienor, Travel Expert at Shanti Travel, went off the beaten paths to discover the Sekumpul waterfalls and spent a night in a family homestay. She shares her experience through this article.

Let’s head north towards Sekumpul, a traditional village in a remote region of Northern Bali. It is a long journey by bike from Denpasar and it gets colder and colder as we travel further and further north. After passing by the Lakes Buyan and Tambligan, we take this tiny little path that brings us in the small village of Sekumpul.
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Things to do in Bali when traveling with friends

Published on 01/03/2016 by Manon ShantiTravel

snorkeling in bali

One fine thing about Bali is that everyone comes to see and witness the majestic scenery. I began the journey with my 2 friends who came straight from France to thoroughly explore the depths of Bali. Now, it raises a big question as ‘what am I going to show my friends?’ There are no shortage of ideas and places, which can be experienced in all the directions. I deliberately avoided the South, since it can be easily explored alone without any help, hence I decide to go for some unexpected places to get the best of the experience of the journey. Continue reading

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Best beaches in Asia to visit in 2016

Published on 29/12/2015 by Jeremy Shanti Travel


If you were looking for a best beaches in Asia for a sun kissed holidays than you have found the right blog. Asia have many tropical destinations and is home to some of world’s finest beaches. In here, we list down some of the best beaches in Asia to visit in 2016. Continue reading

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Jewels of Sulawesi – The Toraja in Indonesia

Published on 03/07/2015 by Marie ShantiTravel

The Torajas

One thing I absolutely love about Indonesia is that one always keeps coming across new and unknown islands hidden away from the general public. Although with over a dozen thousand islands, it would take extensive study and research for anyone to know all of them. It so happened that when I announced my plan to travel to Sulawesi for 10 days, my friends and family didn’t really seem to understand where I was going. But it never occurred to me to blame them! Despite its status as the 12th largest island in the world, Sulawesi is not as well known as her sister islands: Bali, Java, Lombok, Flores etc. Continue reading

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All about Visa free travel in Indonesia

Published on 17/06/2015 by Marie ShantiTravel


Now you can plan a trip to Bali, Sumatra, Komodo, Java and Sulawesi more easily than ever. The much awaited visa free travel to Indonesia has finally arrived. The question about free visa on arrival in Indonesia was revolving around the travelers since April when the news was formally announced by the government. Now that the visa free travel in Indonesia has been implemented so here is what travelers from these 45 countries should know. Continue reading

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Horseback riding tours in Lombok Island

Published on 05/05/2015 by Mahima Shantitravel

Horseback Riding Lombok

If you plan to visit in Indonesia, you cannot miss the horseback riding tours in Lombok Island. Lombok is located to the southeast of Bali in Indonesia and forms a part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. A relatively pristine island, Lombok provides a welcome change of scenery and plenty of adventure. The island is known for its virgin white sandy beaches and surf breaks. Lombok Island is usually toured on foot or by two-wheelers. But for those who seek peaceful exploration and some adventure, horse riding tours in Lombok are the way to go! Continue reading

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