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If you are travelling in North India, trekking in Zanskar is a MUST DO! Trekking is one of the most authentic ways to explore a place, and probably one of the most rewarding too! Escape the busy crowded streets, and instead explore the humbling Himalayan mountain range and walk through the clouds. You really won’t regret it.

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Nowhere else in the world will you find the landscape and atmosphere that the region of Zanskar has to offer. Walk though dreamy red, purple, and golden valleys of barren rock and the occasional wild rose. Yes, the rocks are actually multicolor over there, no joke. The best part is reaching the lush green oasis’ which almost all have a small village in the middle and a pristine, icy cold river running through it. Lose yourself in the breathtaking sunsets; you wont forget them for a while. If you are looking to explore one of the worlds most unique and enchanting mountain regions in the world, this is it.

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Leave behind everything you know, and set out into the wild. Zanskar remains one of the planets most remote areas, which makes it a very special and untouched place. It’s quite the thrill once you are on the top of a 5000m-mountain pass, lost in the middle of nowhere and far away from everything you know. The wind blows across the land and the occasional bird cruises past, a magical moment of serenity and bliss unfolds; you are one with the mountains and the bright blue skies. Trust me, this is one of the most uplifting and exciting feelings in the world!

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Local culture in Zanskar is truly unique, ancient and vibrant. You will stumble across different villages during your trip almost everyday, unless you go to the most remote areas.  These villages are lost deep in the Himalayas, and there is no contact with the outside world except for a few satellite phones here and there. This creates and leaves space for an untouched culture and tradition, free of modernization. Each village grows its own food, and is self-sustainable. To be immersed straight into the lives of these people is truly an experience worth living, and is very mind opening as well as humbling.

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Most of the time when you travel in India, you’ll find that almost all of the big towns and cities are crowded and busy, which can be quite overwhelming at times. If you feel that you need to take a break from civilization and all that goes along with it, there’s no better thing to decide than leave everything and go trekking in the mountains of Zanskar. You will experience serenity, blended with the Himalaya’s silent intensity. Whether you are searching for adventure or are on a journey of inner discovery, this region is perfect for both.

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You will meet local people in every village you go, and it is really worth it to get in contact with them. They are a very different people, very open and warmhearted. Don’t forget to play with the children too; they are simply amazing and full of joy and happiness and all they want is to share a moment with you!

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Zanskar is home to an incredible variety of experiences that will definitely not deceive you. Trekking through such massive mountains does not one leave indifferent, and is bound to change the way you see things; you will remember the scenic landscapes and amber sunsets for a long time.

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The advantage with trekking is that you actually lived an adventure and experienced the thrill of crossing countless valleys and mountain passes lost in the middle of nowhere!

Once you get home you won’t help but feel satisfied and filled with new experiences, and will be craving for more in no time.

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