Things to do in Ladakh – Why you must not miss the magic

Published on 15/02/2016 by Rajendra Shantitravel

things to do in ladakhImage Credit: Gregory Rohart

Ladakh has a mystical quality about it; added with it is a pinch of adventure and a dash of intrigue. Each traveller discovers Ladakh in his or her own way and each has a list of things to do in Ladakh. Everything about this place is fascinating- the gorgeous peaks, the mighty glaciers, the beautiful streams, and the verdant green valleys. Every step you take, with each ounce of air you breathe, you feel as if it is best you can do. And then Ladakh throws a surprise and you are mesmerized with the strange yet beautiful phenomenon, and you are compelled to take one step further. But there are some activities which cannot be missed at any cost. What are they, you might ask? Read on… Continue reading

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Visit Madhya Pradesh for a real taste of wildlife tourism

Published on 20/08/2015 by Mahima Shantitravel

wildlife tourism in Madhya Pradesh

The first thing to come to mind when you think of Madhya Pradesh is undoubtedly its wildlife tourism. The state located at the very heart of India is gifted in terms of ecology, geography, and biodiversity. The river Narmada flows west to east through the state, while the Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges demarcate its territory in the north and south. 30% of its area is covered in forests, home to an invaluable treasure of Indian wildlife. The state has 11 national parks, 3 biosphere reserves and numerous sanctuaries. Wildlife tourism in Madhya Pradesh thus makes it a popular destination with nature lovers and adventure junkies. Continue reading

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Jungle Safari in Sri Lanka that you simply cannot miss

Published on 19/03/2015 by Mahima Shantitravel

Leopard Spotting in Yala

The jungle safari in Sri Lanka is the biggest highlight of every vacation to this tropical island. It is a true heaven for nature and wildlife lovers. Sri Lanka recently also found a place on Forbes magazine’s list of top ten coolest countries to visit in 2015. And according to Forbes, the main draw of the country isn’t its golden beaches or ancient cities, but its incredible wildlife. Read on to know more about the jungle safari in Sri Lanka that you simply cannot miss. Continue reading

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Five reasons for traveling to Rajasthan once in your lifetime

Published on 13/01/2015 by Mahima Shantitravel

Traveling in Rajasthan for FortsThere isn’t any dearth of reasons for traveling to Rajasthan, the epicentre of history, culture and scenic desert beauty in India. Often called the Land of the Royals, Rajasthan is as famous for its sand dunes, forts and lakes as it is for its sumptuous food and vibrant culture. To explore the different facets of Rajasthan would spell true nirvana for a traveler. Here are 5 reasons why you should travel to Rajasthan at least once in your lifetime. Continue reading

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Come closer to Nature on a South India Wildlife Tour

Published on 29/10/2014 by Mahima Shantitravel

Moyar-George-BandipurSouth India, home to some of the most exotic species of birds, animals, fish, insects and plants, is a wildlife haven. Nearly 25% of the world’s population of tiger is found in the southern peninsula. Other fascinating fauna seen in the wild here include various species of Antelopes, Sambhar, Bison, Deer, Elephants, wild ducks, water fowl, Hornbills, Chital, Bears and a host of reptiles and amphibians. The picturesque landscapes, waterfalls, lakes, forests and backwaters make a wildlife tour of South India a delight for photographers and nature lovers alike. Continue reading

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Published on 06/02/2014 by Julie ShantiTravel

Stop 2: The wonderful surprises of Chitwan National Park

Crocodile spotting in the Chitwan

Crocodile spotting in the Chitwan

For those who do not know the Royal Chitwan National Park, know that this was the first national park to be established in Nepal in 1973. It is located in the southwest Terai region of the country, where we find the ethnic Tharu. I am writing these lines beside a wood fire in the moonlight, listening to the frogs sing along the river. This morning when I woke up, nothing could have prepared me for what I was going to experience or see! Continue reading

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