Things to do in Ladakh – Why you must not miss the magic

Published on 15/02/2016 by Rajendra Shantitravel

things to do in ladakhImage Credit: Gregory Rohart

Ladakh has a mystical quality about it; added with it is a pinch of adventure and a dash of intrigue. Each traveller discovers Ladakh in his or her own way and each has a list of things to do in Ladakh. Everything about this place is fascinating- the gorgeous peaks, the mighty glaciers, the beautiful streams, and the verdant green valleys. Every step you take, with each ounce of air you breathe, you feel as if it is best you can do. And then Ladakh throws a surprise and you are mesmerized with the strange yet beautiful phenomenon, and you are compelled to take one step further. But there are some activities which cannot be missed at any cost. What are they, you might ask? Read on… Continue reading

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Published on 18/09/2015 by Sophie ShantiTravel

festival in bhutan

Bound by the Tibetan region of China to the north as well as India to the south, east and west lies the wonderful Himalayan country of Bhutan. This kingdom is one of the last places in the world where the Lamaist Buddhism is a state religion. Preserved through a rational development, Bhutan is home to magnificent nature, beautiful fertile valleys, large coniferous forests, enchanting Himalayan peaks and towering cliff clinging monasteries. At the heart of these dzongs, Bhutanese perpetuate their traditions expressing their faith through festivals that are organized annually. The Jambay Lhakhang festival and masked dances are an opportunity to learn more about this remarkable culture. Continue reading

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Vallam Kali – Kerala Snake Boat Races

Published on 27/05/2015 by Mahima Shantitravel

kerala Snake Boat Race

Get ready for the excitement of ‘Vallam Kali’ or the Kerala snake boat races this autumn. An annual affair held during the Onam harvest season, it involves at least four major and fifteen minor races. The event attracts crowds of several hundred thousand people, both locals and foreigners. Continue reading

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Sri Lankan Festival: The Esala Perahera 2015

Published on 18/05/2015 by Noemi ShantiTravel

esala perahera pocession

The Esala Perahera is known to be the most important religious procession in Asia and will take place between the 20th and the 30th of August 2015. This celebration is held every year during the Esala full moon, in July or August. The sacred city of Kandy lives at the pace of this spectacular event through ten night Perahera (processions) that bring many pilgrims and tourist every year. Continue reading

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Celebrate Hemis Festival in Ladakh

Published on 13/04/2015 by Sophie ShantiTravel

Hemis Festival Ladakh

Looking for an escape this summer? It’s time to book your trip to Ladakh! June is the perfect season to be in Ladakh. Life returns to normal after a long cold winter and the Indus Valley comes alive and is opened for the first festivities. This is when the Hemis Festival in Ladakh also takes place. Continue reading

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