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Come closer to Nature on a South India Wildlife Tour

Published on 29/10/2014 by Mahima Shantitravel

Moyar-George-BandipurSouth India, home to some of the most exotic species of birds, animals, fish, insects and plants, is a wildlife haven. Nearly 25% of the world’s population of tiger is found in the southern peninsula. Other fascinating fauna seen in the wild here include various species of Antelopes, Sambhar, Bison, Deer, Elephants, wild ducks, water fowl, Hornbills, Chital, Bears and a host of reptiles and amphibians. The picturesque landscapes, waterfalls, lakes, forests and backwaters make a wildlife tour of South India a delight for photographers and nature lovers alike. Continue reading

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The Sinharaja Rainforest of Sri Lanka

Published on 21/08/2013 by Christophe Shanti Travel

sinharaja forest sri lankaSince I have arrived in Sri Lanka, I have always wanted to visit the Sinharaja forest, located in the southwest of the island. This tropical forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, could have been the last abode of the mighty and legendary Sri Lankan Lion! Sinharaja means Lion king in Sinhala, the local language. Continue reading

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Safari in Minneriya National Park – Sri Lanka Wildlife Tour

Published on 08/08/2013 by Christophe Shanti Travel

minneriya national park elephantsAs we were very excited about our impending safari, we rushed up to Minneriya National Park thinking we might get there late. This natural reserve is located at the heart of the cultural triangle in Sri Lanka. As we reached, the chauffeur and the natural guide looked very laid back!  “Don’t worry” they said, “we have plenty of time as 4PM is the best hour.” We were all standing with excitement in the open jeep: Go go go! Continue reading

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Sri Lanka Nature and Wildlife Tours

Published on 17/07/2013 by Ritu ShantiTravel

Sri_Lanka_Herd_ElephantsSri Lanka has been given many sobriquets that try to encapsulate its natural beauty, be it the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and even the Emerald Isle. With one of the highest biodiversities in Asia, Sri Lanka packs a punch when it comes to wildlife, flora and fauna. Despite it diminutive size, Sri Lanka boasts extremely rich natural diversity.  One of the best ways to travel to Sri Lanka is by booking a customized holiday package that centers on the wildlife and nature of Sri Lanka. With a plethora of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and reservoirs, Sri Lanka is one of the best places on earth to experience nature in its wildest and most pristine form. Let’s talk about some of the popular as well as offbeat wildlife destinations in Sri Lanka that should be a part of every traveler’s itinerary. Continue reading

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