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Publié le 9 August 2016 par Mitia ShantiTravel

phuktal 1If you want to see and experience one of the most beautiful and majestic monasteries on our planet and need some info about Phuktal, you’re in the right place; here is all you need to know, from directions to home-stays and local tips and advice. Being one of the top 10 monasteries in India, this place is really a must see. Continue reading

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Publié le 8 August 2016 par Mitia ShantiTravel

Close your eyes and visualize a vast plain surrounded by immense rocky Himalayan peaks with snow-capped tips, a broad and powerful river flowing through it since countless centuries. In the middle of this massive stretch of land, imagine a small village nestled in the center of lush green fields filled with colorful wild flowers, traditional old houses and farms spreading all over the place. Clear blue skies and a bright golden sun never seem to disappear; a cold gust of mountain wind blows across the land, the grass fields undulating and dancing to its rhythm. Welcome to Padum. Continue reading

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