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Rajasthan Delights – Ranthambhore and Ramathra

Published on 21/03/2013 by Atul Shantitravel

Jewels of Rajasthan – Ranthambhore and Ramathra

View from the Ramathra FortMy weekend trip with colleagues to Ranthambhore and Ramathra was an unforgettable experience. At the beginning we felt it was useless to visit Ranthambhore due to an uncertain Supreme Court decision to ban safaris in national parks. However, once we reached Ranthambhore the peaceful surroundings of the jungle, away from the noise and pollution of a city like Delhi, made us feel like we had made the right decision. Continue reading

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Shooting a Tiger in Ranthambore

Published on 04/03/2013 by Arnold ShantiTravel
Crocodile Sighting at Ranthambore

Crocodile Sighting at Ranthambore

What could be more thrilling than finding a tiger in the wild and shooting it?

For sure the Maharajas of Rajasthan and some members of the British upper class back in the old days could probably think of nothing more thrilling than to hunt and kill a deadly animal like that. At the end of the 19th century the jungles in India were teeming with wildlife and the tigers formed a big threat to the people. Even though humans are not regular prey for tigers, it is estimated that over 10,000 people in India were killed by tigers in the 19th century. Killing tigers therefore was not only prestigious or for taking trophies, but also necessary and an act of bravery. Continue reading

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