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Published on 20/11/2013 by Yohanna ShantiTravel
Dune Eco Group

Dune Eco Group

Considered innovative and creative in the world of hospitality, Dune Eco Group takes you back to nature and authenticity through its amazing hotels. Each property, whether on the beach, in a forest or in the heart of a historic site, will ensure a truly unique and special experience. All of the Dune properties have a common underlying theme: use of environment friendly resources and local materials. Strong attention is also paid to the cuisine and the freshest ingredients. Most of the food served at these unique properties is organic and grown by the group! Shanti Travel includes stays at these hotels in its itineraries designed for travel in Tamil Nadu. Continue reading

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Doors of Pondicherry Exhibition

Published on 07/03/2013 by Ritu ShantiTravel

‘Doors of Pondicherry’, by Shanti Travel

Shanti Travel PondicDoors of Pondicherryherry welcomed many people for the opening of the exhibition “Doors of Pondicherry” by Vijay Aroquiaradjou. This exhibition intended to show the cross cultural history of Pondicherry via the architecture of the Tamil and French doors, and highlight their characteristics. The locals got to see the doors they pass by daily in a new light, while the tourists appreciated the charm of Pondicherry while looking at the pictures. The opening was attended by the former chief minister, N. Rangasamy, and by the director of tourism in Pondicherry, P. Mathew Samuel, as well as by the artist, his family and many other people. Continue reading

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